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Worldline Zero Map in Destiny 2- How to Get Worldline Zero Beyond Light


worldline zero map: Among all the Worldline games, Zero is one of the most interesting. You can find a variety of collectible items in this map, along with fragments scattered throughout the area. In addition, you can also get an exotic sword that can help you in your quest for the Tesseract..

Worldline zero map: Tesseract exotic perk

Those who play Destiny 2 are probably aware of the Tesseract exotic perk on Worldline Zero. This feature allows the user to teleport forward and perform an AoE attack.

It’s a good tool for getting around, and it’s useful in cutting through trash mobs.

The Tesseract is a pretty cool feat of technology. The ability is an intrinsic perk of the Worldline Zero sword, which you can activate when you do a heavy swing.

It is a great way to take an enemy by surprise. The teleportation is also a nice trick, as it lets you leap forward instead of taking damage.

This feat is not as easy to achieve as it sounds. It requires a bit of luck. The best way to obtain the perk is by clearing the Mindlab: Rasputin area.

The area contains a large cache of memory fragments. Using these to activate the Core Terminus Lost Sector will allow you to gain access to a very special item.

Worldline zero map: Fragments scattered across the map

Among the new collectibles that players can acquire in the Warmind DLC are memory fragments. These items can be found across the DLC landscape.

They come in three basic colors: blue, orange, and purple. Each one requires a different weapon.

For example, the blue Memory Fragment requires an Arc weapon, while the orange Memory Fragment requires a Solar weapon.

To locate the fragments, you’ll need to shoot a colored circle with the appropriate element. This can be done by using the sniper rifle, scout rifle, or even the Hard Light.

The latent memory map will help you locate where to find the fragments. You can find these in obvious places on the map or in more hidden areas.

There are 45 memory fragments in all. These fragments are scattered throughout the Hellas Basin. To obtain them, you’ll need to complete a Ketchcrash activity.

You’ll receive a small bounty of map fragments once you destroy the security system and kill the ship’s captain.

Collectibles items in the map

Worldline zero map Despite the name, there are no global collectibles. Instead, collectibles are scattered around the map and players have to open them with the right weapon.

If you’re looking to get a leg up on your enemies, the best collectibles item is the Exotic sniper rifle. Using this weapon will switch elements on the fly and provide a long range shot in the process.

The aforementioned is a small, circular object that can be found in a variety of locations. Some require specific elemental weapons to unlock while others can be found on the map in a surprisingly large number.

Some are esoteric like the Cache ANSERIS in Core Terminus, while others are a bit more obvious like the G-335 Anseris Overdrive sparrow.

The aforementioned isn’t the only obscure collectible in the game. There are several other lesser known items to be found in the game, including the Worldline Zero Exotic sword.

Sadly, it’s not a lucky drop, but rather a loot table that requires players to find 45 nodes.

Getting the exotic sword

Getting the exotic sword on Worldline Zero map was a little confusing at first. But once you get a grip on the process, you’ll find it’s much more rewarding than obtaining eggs.

The Worldline Zero Exotic Sword has 345 attacks. It also comes with a perks, including the Tesseract intrinsic perk. This perk lets you leap forward while running and deliver a heavy blow. I

t also gives you teleportation abilities. You can use it in conjunction with a Heavy Sword attack to teleport into a different time and place.

The sword’s unique design is a perfect fit for the game’s technology theme. It pulses with electric energy when you’re equipped. It also comes with a balanced defense stat.

The exotic sword on Worldline Zero has a special attack that crackles with blue Vex energy. When you’re charged, it’s capable of damaging enemies with Arc-type damage.

It also has an ivory hilt and split blade. It’s not known if the ability could be nerfed in future patches.

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