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India Discovers A New Planet, Which It Joins The Elite Club


India Discovers A New Planet, Which It Joins The Elite Club: For the first time, India joined a select group of the countries which have found planets around stars with the discovery of what is known as a sub-Saturn or super-Neptune-sized planet which is having a radius that is six times that of earth, Isro announced on Friday.

India Discovers A New Planet, Which It Joins The Elite Club


The path-breaking discovery is making by a team led by Abhijit Chakraborty of the Ahmedabad-based Physical Research Laboratory. The newly discovered planet has found around a Sun-like star, according to Isro. It goes around the sun in about 19.5 days.

The discovery is making by measuring the mass of the planet using the indigenously designed PRL Advance Radial-velocity Abu-sky Search’ (PARAS) spectrograph, integrated with a 1.2m telescope at PRL’s Gurushikhar Observatory in the Mount Abu.

It is the first of its kind spectrograph in the country, which can measure the mass of a planet going around a star. Isro said very few such spectrographs exist around the world mostly in the US and Europe that can do such precise measurements.


Speaking to TOI from Ahmedabad, Chakraborty said the new planet, which is 600 light years away from the Earth, was between the size of Saturn and Neptune. It is closer to Neptune, he said, pointing out that the new planet had 27 times the mass of the Earth and six times its radius.

The surface temperature of a new planet is around 600°C as it is very close to the host star. It might make it uninhabitable, but such a discovery is of importance for understanding the formation mechanism of such super-Neptune or sub-Saturn kind of the planets that are too close to the host star.

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