Home News Why Khloe Kardashian’s Former Assistant Is SUING Her

Why Khloe Kardashian’s Former Assistant Is SUING Her

Why Khloe Kardashian’s Former Assistant Is SUING Her

On March 15, Khloe Kardashian was charged and prosecuted by her assistant. As an American media personality and socialite, Khloe is well-known around the world and has a large fan base on social media platforms.

This story has quickly spread throughout the internet and various other social media platforms; users sharing their reactions and interest on this topic eager to know why it happened. Here we will provide all relevant details related to her case as well as discuss other details related to it.

According to exclusive sources and information, her assistant filed a lawsuit against her and this news quickly spread online. He claims he was fired after taking an extended leave of absence following a knee injury.


Although there have been many rumors circulating online related to this topic, not much is known about his assistant filing the report on her; however it appears an investigation may begin soon into this matter as well.

Khloe Alexandra Kardashian was born in Los Angeles, California on June 27th 1984 and she is now 38 years old.

As an active participant on social media platforms, Khloe has built up an extensive fan base. In 2009 she married Lamar Odom but their union did not last long as they divorced two years later in 2016.

As a mother to two children from Marymount High School, Khloe gained notoriety through her role as Kim on reality television series Keeping Up With the Kardashians; additionally she is known as a model and belongs to the Kardashian clan itself.

She is currently embroiled in a legal case which was initiated by her assistant, though not much information has been revealed about what transpired.

As this news spreads online, many social media users expressed their opinions; some supported her while others showed support for the assistant – however nothing definitive has been established yet.

We will update our article once we obtain further clarification and include it here; stay tuned with socialtelecast.com for more articles covering exciting daily world news topics!

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