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Why and how to password protect a zip file on Mac?


password protect a zip file on Mac

Data protection is the first thing to think about before using devices. Despite all the efforts of security specialists, information about information leaks is constantly appearing on the network. The easiest, and at the same time, the most reliable way to protect your files is a password.

Why do I need to compress and protect the file with a password?

The main function of any password is security. The password prevents unauthorized people from entering the system. Thus, the data remains in the storage, and only the owner can access it. This method can protect against most attacks. The password protects against unwanted login. Basic password functions are:

  • Whatever the reason, all people want their personal things to remain personal. But everyone knows that, if desired, it is very easy to access the computer and view the necessary information. However, there are many solutions to protect your personal files. You can try many of them or use several methods at once to protect your files. Agree that it will not be very pleasant if people find out your secrets and start discussing you. Therefore, if your secret files are stored on your computer, then you need to set a password to access them. Even if you think that the password can be easily hacked, keep in mind that this is only possible under certain conditions.
  • Personal files can be very private and no one should see them. Even if it’s some silly poems or videos when you fool around with friends, you should put password protection on these files. You never know when someone will want to blackmail you or do something not very good against you, and your personal files can be used for this purpose. Passwords for such files should not be too simple, as they are easy to guess. You have to come up with a random password. Look around you or look out the window and describe what you see – it can be your password. Passwords can be hacked using certain programs, and it usually takes a considerable amount of time, so if you are always near your computer, then you have nothing to worry about – no one will be able to get your password. In addition, you should avoid certain sites that can install keyloggers on your computer. These keyloggers will save everything you type on your keyboard. If you can avoid such things, then your passwords will be very reliable protection.

Encrypting folders on Mac

Devices store a large amount of information, including very personal information. Many users store not only personal information but even credit card details. Naturally, in such conditions, safety measures should be improved. Antivirus is not always competent in such matters.

One of the advantages of Apple devices is that they have a well-thought-out and modern security system. But it’s better to hedge once again. The files on the computer should be stored in an encrypted format so that no one can access the hidden information. An additional layer of protection will be the password on the folder. It is not so easy to hack, despite all the concerns of users. How to password protect a zip file on Mac?

Disk Utility

This option is considered the simplest and most understandable. Even inexperienced users can quickly execute the specified algorithm. In the folder “Disk Utility”, you can select the necessary settings for further encryption. In addition, you can also set a password there. Never come up with an easy combination that is easy to guess and crack. As soon as you complete all the steps and save the result, the folder will be stored encrypted with a password.

Print to PDF

In the print settings, you can choose a password that will protect all files. All settings for document protection can be found in the “Security” folder. This method will help you quickly set a password to protect the file from possible hacking.

Is it possible to access password-protected files?

The main obstacle on the way to the files becomes the password. It is logical that you can only get inside with a password. If you installed this protection yourself, then there will be no problems with logging in. If you can’t come up with an effective combination, then there are a lot of password generation programs on the network. The main thing is not to forget it, or there may be problems logging in.

Your personal data is the most important property. But for some reason, many people simply ignore banal security tips. If you follow the instructions carefully, you can protect yourself in the future. Your safety is in your hands.

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