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Who is Zoe McKinney? Grand County High School Teen Zoe McKinney Tragically Falls to Her Death at 30 Feet

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www.chopnews.com 2023 02 15T021502.306


Utahns are among the many paying tribute to Zoe McKinney, a teenager who tragically died after an accident. Sources say that Zoe McKinney, a 17-year-old girl from Utah, died after falling 30 feet from Kane Creek Canyon’s cliff on the Moab Rim Trail.

Her unbalanced hiking caused her death on the spot. At 04:10 on Friday, February 10, 2023, she was hiking the Moab Rim Trail when she fell and fell. Jared Garcia, Moab Police Department, stated in a statement. McKinney’s friends could not reach her safely and called 911

Immediately upon receiving the call, a search and rescue team rushed to the spot with harnesses and climbing gear to rappel down, where she fell 30 feet.

Unfortunately, before being take to the hospital by paramedics, McKinney succumb to her injuries and pass away. Moab assistant police chief Lex Bell expressed shock at Zoe McKinney’s passing in his small community: she had been an influential member

Who Was Zoe McKinney?

Unfortunately, only a little information about Zoe McKinney can  found online. She was 17 years old and hiking with a friend when tragedy struck. Additionally, as a senior cheerleader at Grand County High School, she was suppos to receive an award on the day of her passing.
Grand County School issued a statement on Facebook this afternoon informing everyone that 17-year-old high school student Zoe McKinney passed away.

The school community is grieving with Zoe’s family and will provide love and support in any way we can – including having therapists available on Monday”.

Many city citizens paid their respects and offered condolences to her family members who were struggling. The family is in shock after learning of their beloved daughter’s passing.

Unfortunately, several incidents reported from Kane Creek Canyon recently have led to fatal falls while hiking; unfortunately,

these cases seem to be increasing daily. Although her family has yet to announce no funeral or obituary arrangements, we will keep everyone updated through this article. Please keep remembering her in your thoughts and prayers.

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