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Who are Daisy and Dolly, Plastic Surgery Twins?

Dolly and Daisy Twins Nail Extensions and Toenail Extensions

Daisy and Dolly Simpson, twin 25-year-old twins from Stockton-on-Tees in England, have spent approximately PS140,000 on cosmetic procedures to look more alike and overcome insecurities. They have appeared on TV shows like This Morning as well as running an acclaimed OnlyFans account where they flaunt their enhanced bodies.

 Dolly and Daisy Twins
Dolly and Daisy Twins

How did they begin their plastic surgery journey?

At 18, they began getting lip filler together, and since then have undergone multiple procedures together, such as:

Nose jobs, boob jobs and Labiaplasty (a procedure to reduce the size of the flaps of skin either side of the vagina) were all procedures they underwent together, while Dolly also received botox injections and will undergo additional procedures such as Brazilian butt lift in future.

The twins reported being bullied at school due to having white hair and pale skin; people would call them “albinos” or “grandmas”. They felt extremely self-conscious about their looks and wanted a way out.

Before the Covid-19 pandemic hit, they worked as strippers to fund their surgeries. Following that event, they created an OnlyFans account called “Double D’s”, where subscribers contributed up to PS10,000 monthly – earning them extra income as strippers!

What do they think about their surgeries?

The twins stated they are pleased with their surgeries and feel more confident and identical than ever. They do not regret anything they have done and do not care what other people think of their decision.

Dolly and Daisy admitted they each have differing styles for what constitutes their ideal look, with Daisy tending toward less extreme choices than Dolly. Furthermore, both parties agreed they supported one another’s choices without competing directly against each other.

People involved with plastic surgery claim to be passionate about its benefits, viewing it as a form of art and expression.

FAQ’s : Ultimate Guide To your Questions

Q. Are Daisy and Dolly related?

A: Yes, They are identical twins who share identical DNA.

Q: At what ages are Daisy and Dolly currently living?

A: They will turn 25 in 2021.

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