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SAS Strike Update


sas strike update

Many flights have been cancelled due to the ongoing strike by the sas. You can check with your airline if you have been affected and booked a flight.

Scandinavian Airlines System Denmark-Norway-Sweden (SAS) is in a serious financial crisis. Although the company is owned by Sweden and Denmark, it has not been able to secure bridge financing under US bankruptcy protection. Both countries have rejected requests for additional cash to assist with debt-to equity conversion.

The Strike

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The wage agreement was reached between the pilot unions and Scandinavian Airlines SAS after 15 days of strikes. The company’s regular traffic program will allow it to resume operations.

The strike, which had grounded 3,700 flights and affected 380,000 passengers, ended on Tuesday after intense mediation between the unions and the carrier. The strike caused travel chaos throughout Europe, as summer vacation season begins.

You are covered by EC 261, an EU piece of law, as an airline passenger. Airlines are financially accountable for disruptions caused by their own staff, so in the event that your flight was disrupted due to an employee strike, you may be entitled to compensation.

Fill out our compensation checker with your flight information to make sure that you can claim. Our team will evaluate your case and let you know if SAS owes you additional monetary compensation.


Unions are a powerful tool that help workers fight for better pay, benefits and more power on the job. When it comes to issues at work, such as redundancies and business transfers, they offer their members a platform.

Union members can vote to elect their union representative at work and which improvements and protections they would like in their contract. This helps to make America stronger and makes it better for all.

Unions are also a good way to connect with other people who share your interests and values. You can also have an impact on your job and make the most out of your career.


A strike by SAS pilots has put the struggling Scandinavian airline in even more trouble. A restructuring effort is underway at the company that includes cost reductions, renegotiation collective agreements and conversion of existing debt.

The company will need cash during this period to pay its obligations. However, a prolonged pilot strike means that SAS’ cash reserves will quickly burn up.

Sydbank analyst Jacob Pedersen estimates that the strike could cost the airline 100 million Swedish kronor ($12.4 million) per day and its future ticket sales will suffer.

In addition, the strike could delay the launch of a new fleet. The company’s future may also be at risk.

As a result, the airline filed for bankruptcy protection in the US on Tuesday. This filing was intended to accelerate the ‘SAS Forward’ transformation and put the airline on a financially stable platform.


Flights are one of the key facets of any travel experience. These factors play an important role in how long you wait in airports and whether you get a refund or what type of accommodation you may be able find in your destination.

If you’re a passenger whose flight has been affected by a strike, it’s a good idea to check in for your flight as soon as possible and keep checking the airline’s website to see what’s going on. While the airline can’t guarantee that you’ll get to your destination on time, it can offer alternative routes or dates at short notice.

In case your SAS strike-affected flight gets delayed or cancelled for more than 3 hours, you might be able to claim additional monetary compensation. The European Court of Justice ruled that airlines should pay passengers who suffer losses and other damages due to industrial action.