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What’s Trending in Men’s Pendants?


From Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp to Jason Momoa and Michael B. Jordan, the most stylish men in Hollywood have never been shy of sporting their myriad of jewelry collections, but it’s not just about the rich and famous. Men across the millennia and from every part of the globe have been sporting pendants, rings, bracelets, earrings, and other piercings since time immemorial.

A lot has changed in men’s pendant trends since then of course, but some designs have remained almost unaffected by time in their popularity. As we go through the most popular trends in men’s pendants next, aspects of past influence and modern change should make themselves evident.

The Axe Hammer

Thanks to decades of TV shows, movies, books, and video games, Viking symbols have gained a massive fan following among men over the years. Going back to the roots, we find that the axe in ancient Nordic culture represented masculinity, strength, justice, and conquest among other things.

The hammer, on the other hand, was a divine symbol, representing the might of Thor, thunder, lightning, dominion, destruction, and protection. As this AXE Hammer silver pendant combines the two powerful and masculine Nordic symbols into one, it’s not really a surprise that the pendant has gained so much popularity in recent times.

The Valknut

Valknut is the knot of Odin the All Father from ancient Norse mythology. It’s one of the oldest geometric shapes in existence, consisting of three complex, interconnected triangles of perfectly equal proportions. Geometric shapes are universally popular among both men and women, but Valknut pendants are typically trending among men for now. 

Due to how old the symbol is, there is no concrete way to determine exactly what it means. Valknut’s connection to the Skyfather and his immense, divine power has remained undeniable though. It most likely represents the cosmic power of Odin that binds the nine realms of Norse mythology.

The Cross

Cross symbols are older than Christinaity in origin, but the Cross of Christ has slowly become the most popular choice for religious jewelry. However, the cross in men’s recent fashion trends both includes and surpasses the religious aspects. To know what that means, just check out some of the most popular crosses trending in men’s pendants below.

  • The Ankh of Anubis
  • The lauburu
  • The Byzantine cross
  • The Celtic cross

The Bear

The native American bear pendant represents leadership, spiritualism, guardianship, and pure physical might. In the old days, only the greatest of chiefs could wear the bear or the bear claw as a symbol and not much has changed about the apex predator’s symbolic meaning in men’s pendants.

The bear pendant did not gain much attention or popularity in modern fashion until recent times due to the deliberate bulk. However, that has changed recently, as more men of a larger build are seen wearing the bear as a symbol of strength. 

If you find the bear pendant too bulky though, there’s always the coyote to consider. He represents the intelligence, ingenuity, and transformative power of the shaman.