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What’s New With Augmented Reality In The Fashion Industry?


Fashion Industry: Even since its invention in 1957, augmented reality has played a key role in boosting engagement and interaction among businesses and customers. Businesses from varied niches and industries are leveraging the competence of AR to enhance user experience and boost revenue generation. 

The fashion industry is no expectation as AR in fashion retail is driving unmatched innovation like never before. Businesses from the fashion industry are using AR to enhance customer experience, minimize wastage of resources, facilitate sustainable fashion, and much more. 

How Is The Fashion Industry Using Augmented Reality (AR)?

Initially, the fashion industry was using augmented reality for advertising. Further, experts from the field leveraged many unique design elements that enabled the advertisements to generate amplified results. 

The application of augmented reality spread further to other areas of the business, including marketing, employee management, and logistics. This was followed by the rise in the eCommerce sector, which totally revolutionized the application of AR in fashion. 

Currently, AR is used in many aspects of the fashion industry to augment their business and generate better results. Therefore, let’s check out some of those prevalent applications. 

1. Revolutionizing Cloth Manufacturing

Numerous manufacturers from the fashion industry are combining the potential of 3D printing and augmented reality to revolutionize their approach towards cloth manufacturing. This has enabled manufacturers to eliminate errors and simultaneously save costs on human labor. 

In addition, the capabilities of these technologies have helped facilitate better interaction between customers and manufacturers. This allows customers to be a part of the manufacturing experience, which further improves customer experience.       

2. Digital Clothing

This would probably sound like science fiction a hundred years ago, but somehow it is an avid reality today. Digital clothing is an excellent example of augmented reality in the fashion industry. Customers can now upload their avatar and try our digital clothes before actually buying them. Many fashion apparel businesses are now leveraging this approach to boost sales and enhance the customer experience as now they get a feeling of assurance when buying clothes online. Check out this link https://3dlook.me/content-hub/virtual-clothing-try-on/ to learn more on the subject.    

3. Adjusting With Changing Customer Behavior

Nothing remains constant in this world, and customer behavior is no exception. These days, customers are looking for ways to satisfy the requirements of their digital lifestyle. People are now much busier than they ever were before, and wasting time buying the wrong clothes does not please any customer today. 

In addition, the recent pandemic has instilled fear in many about coming in contact with the virus by wearing clothes already worn by someone else. Therefore, businesses also need to adapt to these changing behaviors, and augmented reality is helping them. With digital try-on, customers can seamlessly try their clothes digitally without worrying about wearing clothes already worn by someone else. 

In Conclusion

AR in fashion retail and the overall fashion industry has changed the industry to a great extent. The application of this technology has benefited both customers and businesses alike. Therefore, if your business is lacking behind, hasten the shift to reap the full benefits of augmented reality in the fashion industry.

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