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5 Things To Know If You Are Using Instagram For Marketing


Unlike Facebook, Instagram marketing is all about opting for a personalized approach.

Don’t believe us? Well, take a moment and think it through.

You have opened Instagram in the morning, and surfing through your feed. While doing so, you’ve come across two types of posts – one has used a beautiful image with a short yet elusively-written caption – while the other has opted for an informative approach while using a generic photo of something.

Which one will you choose to “like” amongst these two? The first one, right?

Yes, we thought so, too!

The first one is all about being to-the-point while keeping the engagement strata high – and that’s what Instagram marketing is all about.

But, how do you integrate such an approach seamlessly in your Instagram posts?

Keep reading to find out more about it.

How To Use Instagram For Marketing?

It’s crucial to follow a goal while using any social media platform for marketing – and Instagram isn’t any different from the pile. Hence, if you’re considering investing your money and time in this platform, you’ll need to ask yourself, “what do I want to achieve?”

Common achievable goals on Instagram should include –

  • Sell services and products.
  • Improve your brand awareness.
  • Create a community.
  • Showcase the values and culture of your organization.

Have you set up your goal already? Then, let’s move on and learn about the Ways to get more instagram views.

Create And Optimize Your Business Profile

Think of your Instagram profile as your business’s homepage and optimize it accordingly. Remember, you’ll get 150 characters, a few action points, and one URL to make the perfect first impression on your audience.

Here’s how you can make the most out of it –

  • A small yet precise description about what your organization does;
  • Contact information (your email, physical address, phone number, etc.);
  • The industry or category you’re working in (restaurant, shopping & retail, etc.)

While you’re writing your bio, be sure to use a tone that suits your brand’s personality perfectly. Include the link with a CTA to ensure that everyone clicks on it.

Post Daily And Consistently

Sticking to a proper posting schedule can help you appear in the timeline of your target audience. Sounds a little too vague, right?

Wait, let us explain!

The algorithm of Instagram focuses on both the consistency and quality of a user’s post. Thus, if you’re incessantly putting out visually creative and informative posts, you’ll be able to create a higher level of engagement than others.

Be Interactive

Aside from posting regularly, you’ll need to create an interactive aura for your business profile too. For instance, if you’re free, you can try checking out the profiles of your followers and comment on their photos accordingly.

Besides, we’ll also ask you to reply to whoever has commented on your posts and initiate a conversation with them. Once you’re confident enough, you can also text them on their personal inbox and try creating a decent “consumer-seller” relationship.

Experiment! Experiment! And Experiment!

Although being aesthetically pleasing is crucial on Instagram, it shouldn’t be your endgame. When it comes to content, you should always experiment whenever possible and see what works perfectly for you.

As of now, the types of content (aside from photos) that you can post on Instagram are –

  • Reels
  • Video
  • IGTV
  • Stories.

If possible, you should try creating a content calendar and mix the types of content you’re willing to share on Instagram. This way, the whole segment will be much more interesting to your audience and make everything much more engaging than before.

Utilize Your Captions

Contrary to what you believe, captions offer you a chance to promote your content’s quality even further.

For example, some people choose to use a long paragraph to express the intent of their image or video. Conversely, others ask questions to a post to encourage the readers to offer their own thoughts. Sharing a short, snappy line to invoke an idea in one’s mind is yet another strategy many marketers use on Instagram.

With captions – the possibilities are endless. All you need to do is ensure that the copy you’re using aligns with your organization perfectly – and you’re set!

Grow Your Business With Instagram Marketing!

With more than a billion monthly users, there’s no denying the reach and power of Instagram. Nonetheless, if you want to make the most out of it, you must create a comprehensive marketing strategy.

Hopefully, this article has helped you out to some extent with it. Anyways, if you still have any queries, don’t forget to comment them down now!