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What transpired with MissQGemini on Twitch? An explanation of the infamous “Clara” CSGO cheating drama


MissQGemini’s live CS:GO wallhacks has become one of the most iconic examples of cheating in online games, but where does she stand now? Here is all we know.

Cheating in multiplayer games will always be an issue, with cheat manufacturers capitalizing on dishonorable players’ desire to gain an unfair edge through wallhacks, aimbots or any other means available to them.


Developers take steps to implement anti-cheating rules and ban players found cheating; however, cheaters remain difficult to eradicate altogether. Some brazen cheaters even broadcast their gameplay livestreaming – offering another opportunity for detection by developers.

MissQGemini (real name Haley Germaine), was one of many streamers caught red-handed hacking while competing in competitive CS:GO tournaments on Twitch. Her actions resulted in her becoming well known as Clara from this momentous scandal.

Twitch What Does Clara Mean?

In June 2017 MissQGemini was streaming a CS:GO match on Inferno when, just prior to starting round one, she used hacking software to enable pre-made cheating profiles containing wallhacks.

As her stream viewers realized they could see cheats on her screen, it suddenly hit home that her stream viewers could clearly detect the cheats – until chat pointed it out and immediately panicked. To try and escape her situation, she quickly made reference to “some kind of glitch that shows everyone’s ranks”.

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Clara came into being when MissQGemini allowed someone else to use her PC and download cheats, according to MissQGemini. MissQGemini notes: “This is what happens when you give access to strangers on your computer; don’t trust them.”

Clara quickly became an internet meme following this momentous event; whenever any player was suspected or seen cheating, people would joke that Clara is to blame.

Clara may or may not even exist.

What happened to MissQGemini?

Unsurprisingly, MissQGemini was VAC banned from Steam due to cheating allegations. Additionally, reports indicated she was banned from Twitch but only temporarily; she then renamed her account as TheDjinnn and resumed broadcasting live streams from Twitch.

Since her controversy, MissQGemini has effectively stopped streaming altogether and remains scarce online.

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She still maintains her YouTube channel under ‘Thawty’, although has only posted a handful of videos showcasing Rainbow Six Siege gameplay and has less than 100 subscribers as of writing (last upload was made in 2019).

Clara’s legacy and cheating

Accidentally exposing themselves as cheaters is far from uncommon among streamers, particularly with the rapid proliferation of cheating in Warzone. Many streamers have been accused and proven as hacking their broadcasts have often revealed this fact.

Warzone streamer Clara May once more appeared as she set up a “monitor cam” in March 2022 to disprove cheating allegations, only for it to reveal wallhacks in use by rival players.

Perhaps Clara was up to something?

Numerous streamers have responded to Clara clips as well, with many sharing some of their most embarrassing cheating moments caught on tape.

Twitch now enforces stringent penalties against streamers who cheat during multiplayer gaming sessions, often including permanent bans even for first time offenses.

Other forms of cheating, like stream sniping, may also be banned and usually receive less severe sanctions than wallhacks or aim bots.

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