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MissQGemini banned from CS:GO


Last updated on January 6th, 2023 at 04:28 pm

The VAC has banned MissQgemini, an aspiring star in CS:GO, from joining the CS:GO community. Although she claimed she was only playing on her account, there is plenty of evidence that suggests she was cheating.

Streamer’s rant on Twitch cheating

Twitch streamers are often caught cheating. Cheating occurs when a streamer is outclassed by a player in a game and they use tools that cheat to get out of it. Cheating is more common among streamers because they are often in front of viewers and can hide their strategies.

Twitch has a system to ban cheaters, but the suspensions can be temporary. Sometimes, bans are based only on one accusation. Many Twitch users have expressed their dismay at the unfair accusations levelled against their favourite streamers on Twitter.

Twitch star Felix “xQc”, Lengyel, has been accused of cheating in the streaming community. He called for a zero tolerance policy against cheaters.

VAC banned her CS:GO account

Haley Germaine (CS:GO player), better known as MissQGemini has been removed from her CSGO account due to cheating. Wallhacking allows players to see through walls and view the skeletons of their enemies and calculate their health.

She created a cheating profile and loaded it live. Then she played a game. She was caught red-handed and was removed from her Twitch channel. MissQGemini set up a second channel under the alias TheDjinnnn.

MissQGemini was suspended from her CS:GO account by VAC (Valve Anti-Cheat), which is a Steam ban on cheating on Valve-secured server. She was suspended for a day.

MissQGemini, a well-known Twitch player, is MissQGemini. When she was arrested, she had been playing CS:GO in Inferno. She was a well-known gamer and had been playing for several months before being caught. Her Twitter account had approximately 50 followers.

Her YouTube channel won’t be a source for income

MissQGemini, a well-known CS:GO player, vanished from her Twitch channel earlier this week. She closed her account after a huge backlash. Within a week, however, she uploaded her profile again under a new name.

She has not stopped streaming on other social media sites. It seems that the rumour of her disappearance on YouTube is a fabrication. Although she may have closed her YouTube channel, she isn’t abandoning Twitch and other social media sites.

There are still fans of MissQGemini, despite the controversy. Her Twitch account has more than 50 subscribers, and she has at most 24 subscribers to her channel.

Her channel is not expected to be a source for income. She isn’t giving up on social media and will likely upload more videos of her gaming.

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  1. […] missqgemini Few things detract more from the enjoyment of an online game than someone who cheats their way to the top. It doesn’t matter how much time gamers spend unlocking weapons, honing their abilities, or coordinating with their friends; it may all be wrecked in a matter of seconds by someone who can see through walls and hit aimbot-assisted headshots. […]

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