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What to Know When You Plan to Hire a Crane


What to Know When You Plan to Hire a Crane: If you are working in the construction industry, you know that cranes are highly efficient and indispensable equipment. However, buying one involves a considerable investment for the contractor. To lessen the project cost, contractors would often opt for a crane hire service. After all, spending a few thousand dollars is much cheaper than paying millions for one equipment. If you are on a lookout for the perfect crane to hire, here are some of the things that you should know about: 

What to Know When You Plan to Hire a Crane?

Different kinds of cranes

Cranes come in all sizes and forms. One of the most popular models is the tower crane, which is commonly used in the construction of high buildings. A typical unit can carry around 35 tons of concrete slab up to 265 feet of unsupported height. Its capacity may not be as substantial as others, but it is the tradeoff for the height that it can reach. To increase capacity up to 100 tons, the maximum height of your tower crane should not pass 182 ft. Any more than this can make your crane unbalanced.

Projects that need to lift heavier materials can opt to use boom cranes. A regular boom crane can lift around 300 tons. Its parts are mainly composed of a long boom arm and the counterweights, which act as stabilizers. It also has a Rotex gear that guides rotation and a jib, which allows the boom to extend.  

If you will be working in softer terrain, the kind of equipment that you should request when you get a crane for hire is a crawler. This equipment can carry a load of 80-4,000 tons. It is often mounted on an undercarriage with two tracks so that it can move around and transport its cargo.  

The last kind is the floating crane, which is mainly used in port construction and bridge-building. It can also be used to get sunken ships. Because it is primarily built for major projects, most of its units can carry thousands of tons.

Hiring an operator

When working with operators, it is best to contact those who have been in the crane hire business for a long time. It would also be helpful if your preferred operator has a fleet of cranes that you can choose. In this way, you will only be needing one crane contractor for your project. 

Hiring small cranes costs somewhere around A$150 an hour in Australia. To get discounts, you can request to utilize the equipment for a month or so. This arrangement would typically cost you as low as A$15,000. Aside from the amount that you have to pay for the equipment itself, do not forget to ask your provider what are the other overhead expenses involved in transporting the equipment, assembling the parts, and maintaining it for the duration of your contract.

Crane safety

Once in use, do not forget to practice safety procedures. Always see to it that your crane is placed on stable ground. Additionally, make sure that a pre-operational inspection is conducted before the routine operation to avoid possible hazards. It is also crucial that the load to be transported will not go above its capacity. Finally, inform your men never to stand under the cargo when it is suspended in the air to avoid accidents that can be caused by falling objects.

Hiring a crane operator is a much cheaper option than buying it. Aside from the initial cost, you do not have to worry about its maintenance, storage, and handling. Just focus on overseeing your construction project, and your crane operator will manage the transportation of heavy materials for you.