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What is Mask Fishing?


Mask Fishing is also known as catfishing. It is a way of getting an advantage out of other people. People do this on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

It is a deceitful act that can cause problems between students and staff members. But, not all people on social media are trying to be funny.

It’s also called catfishing

Mask fishing involves using a mask to catch catfish. To make someone more attractive, this is done. Some people use a mask to disguise blemishes, or hide one part of their faces.

The lonely individual is trying to find romance, excitement, or some other emotional pleasure. Some people do this with dating apps. Other people use social media to do the same.

A person catfishing means that they pose as someone else online. They are usually very intentional. They will often have great reasons to not have Skype or money.

You can be catfished on social networking sites and dating apps. If you think you are being catfished, ask for a new photo and remove the mask.

It’s an asset to cover up insecurities

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