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Top 5 Cities of India which are Cleanest Cities of Country


Top 5 Cities of India which are Cleanest Cities of Country: Hey guys welcome to the article. India is a land known for its culture, tradition, high morals and many other facts. Many tourists are attracted by the beauty of India. There is a mindset of the people that India is an unclean country. But as everyone knows if there is bad then there is good too. Same as this fact this developing country has many places which are the cleanest and greenest places in the country. This article will surely be helpful for you as we have listed Top 5 clean cities in India.

Top 5 Cities of India which are Cleanest Cities of Country

1. Mysuru


This city has been number one on the charts of various surveys. This city which is in the beautiful state Karnataka is the cleanest city in the country. Mysuru has a decent sewage system that never makes this place dirty and over flooded. Also the infrastructure is good with proper planning and nice architecture. The waste disposal system is uniform and never delays. All you can see around you in Mysore is green and clean city with a nice atmosphere.

2. Tiruchirappalli


Tiruchirapalli also known as Trichy has grabbed place second on the chart of cleanest city in India. This city is located at the banks of Kaveri River. Tiruchirappalli lacked the waste collection section. There was no worker in the city for this work. After the announcement of ‘Swach Bharat abhiyan’ by the prime minister the city started working for this problem. Many workers were appointed for the waste collection and the salary of the workers was paid by collection money from the citizens.

3. Chandigarh


This beautiful and iconic city has grabbed number third in the cleanest city list. The city is named after goddess Chandi. Here you will find number of dustbins as you go through the city. There is a waste treatment system in the outskirts of the city this prevents the city from being dirty. Also there are many trees in the city that makes it beautiful yet clean and green. The people there take their job seriously in making the country clean and green. Previously Chandigarh was on the first place but due to some reasons it is down.

4. Navi Mumbai

Navi Mumbai the beautiful city in Maharashtra has grabbed number fourth in the list. This city is has a good sewage disposal and garbage disposal plans. More than this one can say that Navi Mumbai is a well-planned city with the proper planning of Garbage disposal, toilets at public places, dustbins, and many other things. Also there are workers which work seriously in making the city beautiful. This city is a growing economic hub nowadays. Many people are attracted toward this city.

5. Kochi

Kochi is a beautiful city in Kerala. This city is a decent system for its waste disposal. Also the roads and streets are clean. The city is well planned and also well executed. Now the city has launched a new plan for maintaining and making the city more beautiful and clean. The officials are also planning to make this place a divine great place. This city is also an immerging tourist destination and is loved by worldwide tourists. There are many rivers, beautiful sites and many other sites that make this place more beautiful and interesting.

Don’t you think if the management and officials are making all steps possible to make our cities clean and green even we should try our best? So guys I hope you have got nice information. Thank you for reading the article and keep visiting for many more interesting topics.