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What Are SARMS & How Do They Work? Know The Types of SARMS


Did you know that one out of every four adults in the United States of America lifts weights and exercises on a consistent basis? Many people take these steps toward building a healthy body and experiencing a higher quality of life.

Combining these steps with selective androgen receptor modulators is a great way to reach your fitness goals sooner rather than later.

It’s possible that the world of SARMs is completely new to you, and that’s okay.

These supplements are the perfect complement to your fitness regimen since they allow you to bulk up with muscle growth as well as cut unwanted fat and weight. Athletes and bodybuilders around the country turn to them to get the perfect body.

The good news is that you’ve found a helpful guide to learning all about androgenic steroids and SARMs, and the benefits that they provide to your fitness journey. Keep reading this article for more information about the best SARMs today!

What are SARMs?

SARMs are selective androgen receptor modulators, and they’re often created to solve issues that aren’t related to bodybuilding. Many SARMs are designed to help combat muscle wasting disease. It didn’t take long for the fitness and bodybuilding world to catch onto the many great benefits that SARMs provide for muscle growth and bone density.

Androgen receptors are key to connecting with SARMs to initiate more muscle growth. The difference between SARMs and steroids is that SARMs are more selective about the body tissues that they connect to. This means that you’ll experience fewer harmful side effects with SARMs.

The problem with steroids is that they connect to your muscles, bones, prostate, and other sexual organs. You will experience a number of unwanted side effects if you continue using steroid products for bulking. This a problem since the main part of your party that you want to impact is your muscles.

Anabolics tend to have side effects, but SARMs allows you to harness testosterone in your body and use it to build muscle. The goal of using SARMs rather than androgenic steroids is to harness the benefits without the drawbacks for your body. 

SARMs are also great because your liver will not find them toxic when you start a cycle. Blood pressure is also not impacted by SARMs in the same way that anabolic steroids cause issues.

How Do SARMs Work?

SARMs work by connecting to the muscle tissues in the parts of the body that you want to bulk up. You can also increase your bone density when you choose to start a cycle of SARMs. When SARMs enter your body, they connect with your body parts and encourage the production of testosterone.

It’s possible that you have a fear of SARMs becoming suppressive to hormone production in your body. That said, it’s still a good idea to use post-cycle therapy to get your hormones back in balance. If you’re worried about experiencing hormone suppression then it is best to stick with SARMs like Andarine and Ostarine.

You can also look into stacking multiple SARMs into the same cycle if you want to get incredible results. If you’re worried that you’re running into a plateau with your muscle growth then stacking SARMs will help you get closer to achieving your goals. You will gain the benefits of both SARMs at the same time.

This is a big deal, especially if you stack one SARM that is focused on bulking with another that is focused on improved energy. You can also use SARMs that will allow you to recover in less time from your workouts. Make sure that you’re getting proper guidance if you decide to use a stack of supplements.

Best Types of SARMs

Now that you have a better idea of how SARMs work, it’s a good idea to learn about the best SARMs on the market. Each supplement has its own pros and cons that could fit your fitness goals to perfection. Always do your own research and find a reputable supplement store when you decide that the time is right to start using selective androgen receptor modulators.

LGD 4033

Ligandrol, or LGD 4033, is a great option if you’re looking for a powerful SARM that will help you with muscle growth since it is 12 times stronger than other common SARMs like Ostarine. If you’re looking for a bulking SARM then you should definitely give LGD 4033 some serious consideration.

You can gain some serious muscle by taking a dose of Ligandrol as small as 1mg per day. It offers bulking properties without damage to your liver or your sexual organs. 

One thing to keep in mind with this supplement is the effect that it has on your body’s estrogen levels. It is recommended that you stack Ligandrol with an estrogen-boosting supplement for the best results. LGD 4033 also has a half-life of 24-36 hours, meaning that one dose per day is perfect for your fitness needs.

MK 677

Another popular option when you start shopping for SARMs is MK 677, which is also called Ibutamoren. This SARM is different from other options in the world of supplements in the sense that it is geared more toward providing more endurance and energy than it is for muscle growth.

You will get a major boost in energy with this supplement and you won’t need to worry about your body’s cortisol levels dropping. Not only will you feel ready for each workout session but it also helps with adding lean muscle to your frame when you eat right and work out. Look at dosing MK 677 at around 25mg per day for the best results.

A major benefit to consider when you look for mk677 for sale is the fact that you won’t need to use post-cycle therapy once your cycle comes to an end. Look at using three-month cycles with Ibutamoren if you want to harness its powers to the maximum. Make sure that you remember to take your dose at night before you fall asleep for optimal results.

Don’t be worried if you wake up with numb or tingly hands as this is a normal side effect of this SARM. You might also experience greater feelings of hunger or lethargy at times when you use MK 677 to reach your fitness goals.

GW 501516

GW 501516 is technically not a SARM, but it has many properties that are quite similar to SARMs. It acts as a Delta Modulator, and it is more focused on helping you with your metabolism rather than boosting testosterone levels in the body. You might also hear this supplement referred to as Cardarine.

Your body will start to make more effective use of the glucose in your body when you take Cardarine. This is important as it will make it much easier to build healthy and strong muscle tissue. They also regulate the different proteins that produce energy in your body, helping you make the most of your training regimen.

Many users find that they have much higher energy levels and endurance during their training sessions when they’re on a Cardarine cycle. The more energy that you have to work out the more muscle you’ll add to your frame. It’s also possible that you’ll see a positive change in your blood pressure and lipid production when you buy GW 501516.

One thing to keep in mind with Cardarine is that there are some potential health risks for humans that use this SARM. If you’re worried about your long-term health then it’s best to avoid using this supplement. That said, you shouldn’t need post-cycle therapy after you complete your first cycle of Cardarine.

RAD 140

RAD 140 is one of the original SARMs that bodybuilders used to get those impeccable physiques. It’s also referred to as Radarine, and you won’t find a ton of research on this SARM when you start digging. That said, it offers some serious benefits if you’re looking to get more muscle growth from your fitness regimen.

It’s a great and healthier alternative to using anabolic steroids since it offers a similar androgenic rate without all of the nasty side effects. You can also trust that you won’t do damage to your prostate by using Radarine rather than steroids. Make sure you use proper dosing and stick to the recommended cycle length if you want the best results.

Many people find that RAD 140 is more effective when dosed twice per day. Look at taking between 4mg and 12mg each day if you want to get shredded for your competition.

The main side effect that you need to worry about with Radarine is the suppression of your natural testosterone. You will want to invest in post-cycle therapy if you decide that you want to bulk up using Radarine rather than other supplements.

MK 2866

MK 2866 is a great option if you’re exploring selective androgen receptor modulators for your fitness needs. This supplement is often called by the name Ostarine, and it’s quite popular with weightlifters and bodybuilders alike. It’s possible that this is the most famous SARM of all within this community.

If you’re looking to preserve the muscle growth that you’ve worked so hard for while going through a caloric deficit then this is the way to go. Keep in mind that Ostarine is hard on your body in the sense of testosterone and hormone suppression.

It’s a wise move to invest in post-cycle therapy if you decide to use MK 2866 to reach all of your bodybuilding and fitness goals. A failure to take this step could result in some serious long-term health issues that you could have avoided. 

The average cycle of Ostarine is between six and 10 weeks. It’s recommended that you stick to a dosage between 10 and 25mg for the safest and best results.


S4, also known as Andarine, is a SARM that is geared toward bulking, so you should consider using this supplement when you’re preparing for a competition but prior to your cutting phase. You will find that you have a much easier time retaining your muscle mass when you’re on this supplement while going through an intense training schedule.

It’s also a great tool if you’re looking to add more lean muscle mass to your frame. Look into the different supplements that you can stack S4 with to get the results that you’re craving in less time. Stacking is a great way to experience multiple bodybuilding benefits at the same time.

Not only is S4 perfect for men who are looking to spur more muscle growth but it is safe for women to use as well. Not only will men and women start bulking with Andarine but it will also result in much stronger bones. It’s a favorite of many martial arts fighters since they can trust their body to hold up to the rigors of the task.

It’s important to note that S4 does come with some unwanted side effects that other SARMs don’t cause. The most notable of these side effects are vision issues that develop from using it. It’s normal for users of Andarine to develop a yellow tint over the eyes.

This issue is most prominent at night, and it only takes a few weeks of an S4 cycle for this issue to present itself. You will notice this yellow tint once the molecules from Andarine bind themselves to your eyes. It’s a great option if you’re looking to get your body in the best shape of your life, but be cautious when dosing it.

Now You’re Ready to Start Using SARMs

If you’re tired of not seeing the progress that you want from your rigorous training sessions then it’s a good idea to look into the many benefits of SARMs for your health. Selective androgen receptor modulators allow you to harness the muscle growth properties of androgenic steroids without the harmful side effects that they bring. Make sure that you do your research and consider getting post-cycle therapy after you complete a cycle of your chosen SARMs.

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