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Attack On Titan Chapter 139 Leaks



Find Out What Happens In The Manga’s Final Chapter Attack On Titan Chapter 139 Leaks

Find Out What Happens In The Manga’s Final Chapter Various websites and sources are leaking spoilers for the manga’s final chapter. She’s got all the leaks and spoilers.

The first half of season 4 of the Attack on Titan anime was just completed a few days ago.

On April 9, the manga’s final chapter will be released. While manga fans are eager to learn how the story will conclude, the internet is littered with spoilers and leaks.

Here’s a thorough look at the Attack on Titan Chapter 139 leaks as the countdown to the final chapter of the most popular shounen begins.

Chapter 139 of Attack on Titan has been leaked

Attack On Titan Chapter 139 Leaks

(Spoiler Alert: Not all leaks are 100% correct and may differ from the real chapter.)

Mikasa has a dream in which she spends quality time with Eren, as we witnessed in Chapter 138.

Mikasa holds and kisses Eren’s head in the chapter’s final panel, while Ymir stands in the background.

The leak was made public on several websites, including Reddit’s r/Titanfolk. The following is a list of Aot chapter 139 leaks.

According to leaker Zekken, the first chapter will show the attacking giants’ future memories, followed by Mikasa crying while holding Eren’s severed head.

Mikasa and Armin have a conversation in which she informs him that Eren has died.

Ymir, who was standing nearby, claims to be able to mend everything.

Mikasa, as an adult, travels back in time to see Eren, who is present both as a child and as an adult. Eren apologizes to Mikasa and tells her that the timeline will be corrected.

The action then proceeds with Eren and Ymir going to the Paths to ask Ymir a question.

The Path begins to collapse on them while they are both on it. The leaker also disclosed that Eren implanted memories in Armin a long time ago and that he wants to be the bad guy and wants them to kill him.

This memory will only trigger after his death. Levi, on the other hand, is blind in his right eye.

The final page depicts an older Eren cradling a newborn and saying, “You are free.”

A new type of spoiler was revealed by another leaker. According to this version of the leak, Eren will accompany Armin to the trails, where they would converse while gazing out at the sea.

Armin strikes Eren unexpectedly, and the scene shifts to the former hugging the latter as they sit down to say their final goodbyes.

The next time Armin wakes up, he sees Mikasa. The giants have all reverted to human form and are doing nicely.

On the trails, Levi noticed Hange and others, while Jean and Connie noticed Sasha smiling. Reiner wraps his arms around his mother once more.

One last item Armin and Mikasa must attend to. After a few years, the queen carries the infant in her arms as she celebrates her birthday with a mysterious man.

Others have grown up and are boarding a boat to Lena. Captain Levi, who is in a wheelchair, is accompanied by Gabi and Falco.

Birds can be seen soaring over the ship, but one in particular is unknown. Mikasa then appears to be sitting near a grave near a tree. Mikasa’s scarf is patted by a bird, which then flies away.

When will Aot Chapter 139 be released?

The chapter will be released on April 9, marking the conclusion of the manga’s 10-year run.

The anime’s second installment will be released in Winter 2022. All of the leaks that have been circulating on the internet are not entirely factual.

The sole known leak is a draft of the last page made by creator Hajime Isayama in 2018, in which a person with long black hair is cradling a child and saying “You are free.”

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