Home News WATCH: Yvan Colonna Attack Video Leaked on Twitter, Reddit

WATCH: Yvan Colonna Attack Video Leaked on Twitter, Reddit


WATCH: Yvan Colonna Attack Video Leaked on Twitter, Reddit, and Telegram

WATCH: Video of Yvan Colonna’s Assault on Twitter, Reddit, Telegram, and YouTube: A video of Yvan Colonna attempting to murder someone just became viral on the internet.

His video and photographs have been recorded. And the cops are on the lookout for him. There are ten photographs selected from the film of the assassination attempt which was captured on the CCTV tape last night.

We will offer you with some details on his murder case in this article. Continue reading this article if we want to learn more about that topic.

Yvan Colonna’s Attack Viral video

Many people have discovered that Yvan Colonna attempted to murder someone. However, it is unknown why someone might kill someone for no apparent cause.

It was unknown at the time. Some claim he was insane, while others say he has a mental illness. Cops are on the lookout for him, and we won’t know if he’s completely insane until we put him through some tests.

The film and surveillance cameras are proof that he did it. When the news broke on social media, many people shared it with their friends and family in the hopes of catching him as quickly as possible.

However, it appears that this strategy will no longer be effective in catching him. Images and videos that have been uploaded to the internet will be erased sooner rather than later. It was weird to many individuals, and they were troubled by it.

Yvan Colonna Video Leaked on Twitter, Reddit

Yvan was the type of person who didn’t know the difference between right and wrong. If he did something valuable in his life then he was between us, conversing with us and he will live according to his own terms.

he lacked patience in his life and died as a result. He wouldn’t have to deal with this scenario if he had done anything wonderful with his life, if he had done some good crap.

Yvan Colonna has been condemned to life in prison for his role in this crime. And he’s counting down the days till he’ll be released from prison.

His family was taken aback when they learned of his death. We couldn’t retrieve any details related to his family but our sources are attempting to collect more and more information so if you value your efforts then you may follow our site.

He has committed a number of heinous atrocities in the past that are difficult to describe. If there is any new information about his case, we will let you know.

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