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Watch the OS 5.0 that Will Turn Your Apple Watch into a Dick Tracy-Inspired Walkie Talkie


Watch the OS 5.0 that Will Turn Your Apple Watch into a Dick Tracy-Inspired Walkie Talkie: Despite being one of the first genuinely successful smartwatches, support for the Apple Watch, at least from third-party developers, has been dwindling.

Watch the OS 5.0 that Will Turn Your Apple Watch into a Dick Tracy-Inspired Walkie Talkie

Apple Watch

But with watching OS 5.0, previewed today at Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference, the company is hoping to breathe a new life into the platform, while shifting the focus of its feature set back to its core functionality.

Unlike the original iPhone, the first Apple Watch came with third-party apps from the start. But the wearable’s app saga hasn’t been quite the same success story as the iPhone’s was.

In recent months, many noteworthy developers have pulled their Apple Watch apps from its store. Possibly, as a result, watchOS 5 will expand the wearable’s base features, including new health and fitness capabilities.

In addition to new fitness tracking modes for activities like yoga, outdoor walks, and hiking including cadence data for how many steps you are taking every minute, watch OS 5.0 will let the Apple Watch users that compete against their Activity Sharing friends through the week-long activity competitors.

Everyone participating will be able to see the ranking as the week progresses, which is ideally using it for motivation, and trophies will be awarded at week’s end when the challenge is complete.

With watching OS 5.0, is an Apple Watch that is also able to more intelligently detects the beginning and end of the workout sessions, automatically logging data if you had hurry out the door and forgot to hit to start, while automatically turning off the tracking when it detects a period of inactivity.

The fourth generation Series 3 of the Apple Watch was the first to get built-in cellular connectivity, letting you leave your iPhone at home. For make it easier to reach out to other Apple Watch users, a new Walkie-Talkie app is introducing with the watch OS 5.0 that lets the users send the voice memos back and tells over a cellular connection or Wi-Fi. It looks like is a faster alternative to placing a call, and may be considerably lighter on data usage.

Apple has also revealed a new feature which is coming to Siri in the forthcoming iOS 12, including customizable shortcuts that can be triggering to complete a series of the actions with the single voice command.

Those Siri Shortcuts will also be available in watch OS 5.0, and to make the Siri on the Apple Watch which is easier to use, the wearable will no longer require you to shout “Hey Siri!” at your wrists. Merely raising the wrist and talking will soon let the watch know you want it to listen to your commands.

In addition to streaming Apple Music directly to your watch and into your Bluetooth headphones, watch OS 5.0 will also finally let you listen to and stay on top of your ever-growing list of podcasts.

There is no new hardware expected for today’s WWDC keynote address, but Apple did round out its watch announcements by revealing a new rainbow strap available for the Apple watch, as well as a new matching watch face that can now download through the observation OS App Store.

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