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8 Makeover Ideas for Your Home Sweet Home


8 Makeover Ideas for Your Home Sweet Home: Most homeowners find it overwhelming to re-do their home or give it a tint of a modern look. Well, you cannot blame them. Old abodes are designed and decorated in a certain way which makes it extremely exhausting for homeowners to plan and redecorate them in a trendy way. 

Well, here I am to help you offer 8 makeover ideas for your ancient mansion. Starting from redecorating, replacing things, painting walls to crushing it down to build a new one, there are some amazing ideas that you can fit in your checklist before redecorating your home sweet home. 

Please note: You can consider comparing trendy colours and shades from the Asian paints shade card for your future renovation projects. 

Makeover Ideas to Follow

Without further ado, let’s start with…

1. Wall Painting

What I have really taken from this industry is that colours and shades are the lifelines of an abode. You might underestimate the role of painted walls, but they do keep your home modish with a touch of exclusivity and beauty.

Old homes generally tend to get boring with time, of course, the paints play a humungous role in that. So you can go through the trending shades, texture painting styles and textures available in the market today. Shade cards are the best way possible to understand colours and choose the most complementing colours for your home.

As per your choice of colours, textures and paints, you can repaint your home to give it a fresh look. 

Tip to Consider: Keep in mind the colour of your furniture before choosing the wall paints. 

2. Memories

What I really believe is that our home is not only built on colours and its look but with the small little things that are kept around. Ancient artefacts are the lifeline of a beautiful home. I am sure there is a small box on your bedside table that is of no use. However, you have still kept it because a friend gifted it, or you bought it from one of your holiday destinations. These artefacts and memories should be there in the house no matter what. 

So design your home that’s modern by adding new things to it but consider keeping these small little things placed in an abstract manner around your residence.  

Tip to Consider: These artefacts are the soul of your abode, so instead of getting rid of them, try and give them a new look that perfectly fits into your modern-looking home.

3. A home that’s Picture Perfect

Your home sweet home should speak about you and your favourite memories. While renovating your home, do consider putting up some favourite pictures of you and your family. Design a picture wall and place them in an abstract manner, Makeover Ideas, making the wall look modern and stylish. 

Tip to Consider: Get the photo frames of the same size so that even when abstract, the symmetry is maintained. 

3. A Personalised Blackboard

Did you know a blackboard helps you stay connected with your family members even when they aren’t there? 

Pick a space in your house where it is convenient for everyone to come and write their thoughts. Blackboard paint is a great idea to leave messages for your family members, write the thought of the day and mention a to-do list for each other. 

It is modern and classic at the same time. I am sure your parents still have the habit to write small little notes to remember things. Do you think a blackboard will be a great addition to your home? 

Tip to Consider: Asian paints offers blackboard paint that can be selected from their shade card.

4. Natural Light/Innovative Lights

Natural light is an essential requirement to keep your home positive and bright. Well. some houses do not have room for natural lights, therefore, you can use innovative lamps to offer your home a lighting effect. 

Please remember, paint colour can enhance your home only with the help of bright lights. Hence, this definitely should be on your checklist. 

Tip to Consider: Hang lamps above your dining table, living room sofa and on furniture that can enhance the look of your room seamlessly. 

5. Old Cabinets

Old cabinets bring to your home a touch of ancient look. They can be easily painted and given a new look for them to compliment your home decor. Do you have such old cabinets that you want to get rid of? Well, give it a second thought!

Tip to Consider: First paint your walls and then think about the colour of your cabinets and furniture

6. A Comforting Corner

There are times when you are free at home and you want to sit in a corner to read books, listen to music or just play with your four-legged friend. Well, a comforting corner is an essential requirement for both you and your family members. So select a corner in your living room that has the perfect Sunlight and fresh air, bring home a larger than life chair from a furniture shop, place it on a soft carpet and complement the corner with a side table to suit your needs. 

It is a perfect idea to give your home the perfect corner for relishing some me-time. What do you think?

Tips to Consider: Comfort comes first, hence choose a chair that comes with a footrest and side table to keep things like a coffee mug and books. 

7. Fresh Flowers 

There is nothing better than having fresh flowers around the house for fragrance and positivity. Hence, keep petit flower pots on the dining table, side stools and kitchen. Fill up these flower pots with fresh flowers every day to give your home a feeling of freshness. 

Tips to Consider: Orchids, Sunflowers, and Roses are perfect flowers to decorate your home sweet home. What do you think? 

There is nothing better than redecorating your home. You can find a lot of things that I have mentioned above available online at affordable prices. Hence, decorating your home will not be putting a hole in your pocket. 

Happy Renovation!

Author Bio: Faiz Oomer

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