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Vikki Dougan: Who Is She & What Happened To Her?


Vikki Dougan: Who Is She & What Happened To Her, Actress Vikki Dougan was captured on camera by Life magazine in 1957 for several images.

The photographer, Ralph Crane, focused on her back while photographing her from behind.

She gave the moniker “The Back,” which helped to popularize her. Publicity manager Milton Weiss gave her a seductive appearance.

Vikki Dougan: What happened to her?

On a chilly New Year’s Day in 1929, Vikki Dougan was born in Brooklyn, New York, into the family of Wilber and Mary Tooker (nee Dougan). Her mother worked as a librarian, and her father sold insurance.

Before her father decided to transform her, her life was predictable and secure. She moved to live with boarders after having to leave Brooklyn.

After that, she started modeling, and at age 16, she began her career in movies. Her partners included well-known figures like Anita Ekberg, Robert Ryan, and others.

Milton Weiss, a publicist, persuaded her to don a backless garment in 1956 so it would draw attention. She earned the moniker “The Back.”

Vikki Dougan pregnancy

In 1929, Edith Tooker was born. When she was 11 years old, she began modeling and succeeded in the film industry.

She triumphed in numerous beauty pageants and even landed a spot on the cover of Life magazine.

However, Vikki Dougan became well-known because of her adorable dress.

Her gorgeous dress won the jury, and they felt she deserved the top slot. Perhaps she lacks seductive mojo.

Vikki modeling career

When Vikki Dougan returned to modeling, her career took a drastic change.

She resumed modeling for publications and competing in beauty pageants.

Life magazine put her on the cover that year. She received $100 per week from Jackie Gleason for modeling, and she made $250 each week from television.

She could only play minor roles in nine forgettable films because her acting career stayed the same.

caught the media’s attention more when she started donning backless outfits. Vikki, who swiftly earned the nickname “The Back,” received a handful of these outfits from Hollywood publicist Milton Weiss.

She changed her name

On January 1, 1929, Edith Tooker gave birth to Vikki Dougan in Brooklyn. She became a model after winning beauty pageants as a young girl.

She adopted the actress Vickie Lester’s first name as her own and adopted her mother’s maiden name as her last name.

The new name had a considerably more glamorous sound. It didn’t turn out very well for her.

Dougan was a struggling actress who had trouble making money. Dougan tried various things, including go-go dancing and selling Mary Kay cosmetics. She also made an effort to tie to become a Kelly Girl.

She made a disastrous clothing error at the Golden Globes.
Vikki Dougan was anxious as she prepared to make her big stage debut as a presenter at the Golden Globes in 1957. She was uncomfortable in the backless gown.

She couldn’t hold her scarf in place while presenting the prize and shaking hands with the winner.

Yet she succeeded! Her gorgeous backless outfit scandalized the social elite of Hollywood.

A publicist named Milton Weiss placed several backless gown orders for her. Later, she became known as “The Back” (or “The Back Girl”)

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