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Ukraine Phone Numbers


A virtual phone number is an ordinary phone number with the advantage that you can be reached from anywhere in the world thanks to voice-over IP technology. Also known as IP telephony, it helps to enable voice communication over the Internet.

Ukraine Phone Numbers


Why a Virtual Phone Number? 

SIM cards and even mobile phones are yesterday’s news. With Ukraine phone numbers connected via IP telephony, you can create your virtual phone number and use it for calls and text messages, two-way communication, surveys, competitions, or for any other purpose that requires a virtual number. It is ideal for call centers, educational institutions, non-profit organizations, real estate, or retail. Here, you can order mobile or local numbers for any area code in Ukraine in just a few clicks.

A virtual phone number offers several key advantages:



  • You remain reachable under your landline number wherever you are, whether in the office, on the road, or at home
  • You create a local presence for your customers thanks to the local area code
  • Virtual fixed network numbers signal a local connection and, thus, convey to customers certain proximity to the company.
  • You benefit from low connection fees. The only requirement is a stable Internet connection either via WLAN or via your mobile data volume.
  • You can route your calls time-dependently to your office phone, mobile phone, home office phone, or even a mailbox
  • Organize an individual company network for employees from different locations or cities
  • Companies use virtual local numbers to answer the telephone network with an automatic voice dialogue or forward customers to a call center.

Toll-free Numbers

With a 0800 or 8 800 number (activation procedure depending on the type of call), you can be reached by your callers free of charge. It underlines your claim to be a service-oriented company and increases your lead over the competition. Increase your customers’ satisfaction and use a free number in over 90 countries for your service hotline.

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