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Carson Peters Berger: Age, Parents, Rape Case, Charged & Sentence


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Carson Peters Berger is an American High school student who shot to fame after being accused of murder and rape his cousin Iliana Peter.

In this piece I’ll share the biography of Carson Peters-Berger, his parents, mother and dad, his age of his murder, the case in which he was convicted, his trial and other information that you didn’t know about the man. Before we get started but, let’s look at a look at his biography.

Carson Peters Berger wiki

Full Name Carson Peters-Berger
Father Name Adam Berger
Mother Name Lorraine Davis
Cousin Name Iliana Peter(Lily Peters)
Date of Birth 2008
Nationality American
Education Chippewa Falls High School, Wisconsin
Age 14 year
Crime Rape & Murder
Iliana Peter Age 10 year
Carson Peters-Berger and lily peters
Image: vocal.media

Carson Peters-Berger’s birth date was an unidentified date in 2008 in his country of birth that is which is the United States of America. He was was raised in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, part of the United States, so he is a citizen of the United States. American citizenship at birth.

Carson Peters-Berger Education

Carson Peters-Berger earned his graduate certificate in elementary education through one of the elementary schools located situated in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin. At the time when he accused for rape and murder of his cousin he was the student of Chippewa Falls High School in Wisconsin.

Carson Peters-Berger Career

Peters-Berger is not an occupation. Peters-Berger barely made it to the limelight on April 26 2022, following his arrest. He was arrested and accused of having raped the cousin of his, Lily Peters, on April 24, 2022.

Carson Peters-Berger Age

Carson Peters was 14 years old when the post was published on our site. He is a birthday celebrant every year and has American citizenship through birth. He is notable for having hair with a dark brown color and brown-colored eyes. Also, he is white in skin color and is part of that White cultural group.

Carson Peters-Berger Parents

Based on our research, Lorraine Davis is the name of Carson’s mother and Adam Berger is his father’s name. According to an article, Carson’s dad, Adam Berger, was believed to have served time in prison on child pornography.

Adam Peters was sentenced in May 2018, however, the prisoner got freed of Oshkosh Correctional Institute in April of 2021. He currently lives in a halfway home situated in Eau Claire. We found out that Mary is the grandmother of Carson Peters Berger, and Katie Weathers is their family friend’s name.

Carson Peters-Berger Rape Case

As we mentioned in the past, Carson Peters Berger was arrested on the 26th of April 2022 in connection with an incident of rape that occurred on an unmarked trail in Northwestern Wisconsin on April 24th 2022. He was was charged with three counts of homicide over Lily Peter’s murder:

  • First-degree sexual assault
  • First-degree intentional homicide
  • First-degree sexual assault of a child under the age of thirteen 

According to the report, Carson Peters suggested to his cousin, Lily Peters, that they take a walk through the woods around an area in Northwestern Wisconsin. He then lured her to the spot of the crime, and then sexually assaulted and kill her.

According to the report which confirms the murder that Carson Peters-Berger retreated back to the site of the crime to conceal Lily’s body by covering her body with leaves. This was following the rape and killed her, and was worried that her body might be discovered.

In the case of the complaint filed in the wake of Lily Peters couldn’t return home after visiting her aunt’s home located in Chippewa Falls, it said that Lily was not home by the night of the 24th of April. On the 25th April 2022, the body of Lily was discovered.

Father of Lily Peters’ murder suspect is allegedly a sex offender

father of Lily Peters’ murder suspect

Carson Peters Berger’s father is Adam T. Berger. However, the teen seems to have lived with his mother and stepfather.

Adam Berger was detained in 2016 for illegal child images and drug paraphernalia. These were discovered in a search at Eau Claire.

Authorities found several explicit images of prepubescent girls using a cell phone in the search.

Some of the pornographic images had Berger’s face superimposed. He is also on , the city’s sex offenders registry.

Berger was indicted on 10 felonies and sentenced to at least three years imprisonment while serving a concurrent sentence.

It is unclear if Adam T. Berger has any connection to Carson Peters Berger.

Lily Peters’ murder suspect Carson Peters is being charged as an adult

Judge Ben Lane granted the request of the prosecutors to hold the boy under $1 million bail. He called his alleged crimes a “serious threat to the community”.

As the teen was too young for driving, his defense team requested a $100,000 bond.

Who was Iliana Peters?

Iliana Peters also known as Lily Peters, is a 10 year old rape victim, who was murdered and raped on the morning of April 24 2022.

The time of her rape and the date, Lily Peters was an fourth-grade student in the elementary school at Parkview Elementary School.

Who Is Carson Peters-Berger’s Attorney?

Michael Cohen is the name of Carson Peters ‘ attorney. Carson was detained at the Northwest Regional Juvenile Detention Center in Eau Claire, Wisconsin while waiting for his court date.

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