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Top Five Ways to Lower Your Heart Disease Risk


Top Five Ways to Lower Your Heart Disease Risk: Hello, Everyone Today I am going to share some interesting facts on the Top Five Ways to Lower your Heart Disease Risk. Nowadays, this problem is very common in any Ages. Major risk factors are responsible for Heart disease which includes cigarette smoking, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, obesity, and poor nutrition. Prevention from this disease many of the treatment centers are around to see and also these approaches will help you lower the risk for inviting many other types of illness, and as well as helping you to feel great and have more energy overall. Here are some of the Five Ways to Lower the risk of Heart Disease.

Top Five Ways to Lower Your Heart Disease Risk


Cigarette smoking is quite remains the leading preventable cause of Heart disease in every woman, Men and now in Children’s too, with more than the 50 percent of heart attacks among the middle-aged women and Men is due to tobacco and Smoking the Cigarettes. Risk of Heart disease begins to ends within the months of smoking regularly. It became reaches the level of persons who have never smoked within 3 to 5 years. So, it’s better to avoid Smoking as soon as possible.


The High blood cholesterol is a condition that greatly increases the chances of developing heart disease. In our Body, extra cholesterol in the blood which settles on the inner walls of the arteries, and narrowing them and allowing less blood to pass through them to the heart. So, it’s better to aim for total cholesterol below 200 mg/dL; LDL cholesterol below 130 mg/dL and HDL above 35 mg/dL.


The Risks for the Heart Disease is primarily Obesity and sedentary lifestyles, which are epidemics in the Human Body that contribute to increase the level and risk of Heart disease. The Prevailing of obesity has increased among both men and women in every part of the countries. currently about one third of adult women are caused with obese. Also, many of the 60 percent of both men and women are not gets into the regular physical activity. Obesity, which is especially abdominal adiposity, and it is an important risk factor for the Heart disease in both women and Men.


Many Recent evidence suggests that even low-intensity activity, including brisk walking, is to be associated with more reduction of Heart disease risk. Regular exercises and maintenance of the healthy weight should also help to reduce the insulin resistance and the risk of non-insulin-causes Diabetes It appears to be a stronger risk factor for the Heart disease in women than in men. Diabetes is associated with a level to extend threefold to sevenfold elevation in Heart disease risk among the women, compared with the level of twofold to threefold elevation among men. Approximately, half of all deaths in patients with non-insulin which causes the diabetes mellitus and are due to heart disease.


Diets which are low in saturated fats and high in Fruits, Vegetables, Whole grains, and Fiber are associated with a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease. Also, a recent study has confirmed that eating fruits and vegetables, particularly green leafy vegetables and vitamin C-rich fruits and vegetables, it seems to have a protective and more effect against heart disease. You may even think about moving towards Healthier and Increase the habits of eating Vegetables more. A vegetarian diet only reduces the risk of coronary artery disease Or Heart Diseases, and may even reverse the existing Heart disease when combined with the other lifestyle changes. More Saturated Fats can be reduced to be healthy and make the use of Olive oil in order to avoid other Refined Oils.

So, these are the Important Facts and Top Five Ways to lower the risk of Heart Disease in every one. These points are mentioning with the proper and correct ways to applies in your daily lifestyles. If there is any Query or Question persist please comment your view points.