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Top Benefits Of Using Virtual Desktop Infrastructure For Your Company


As technology continues to advance along with the internet, they become more valuable to the entire world. In business, most companies invest in going digital because it’s seen as the driving force of the future world. Embracing virtualization and integrating it with your company’s physical assets seems to be the key to conquering various challenges.

Statistics show that virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) helps solve the problems of corporations in the United States. VDI is a hosting setup that removes a physical computer’s desktop to bring it online in a centralized remote server. It’s an innovative solution that h has recently become popular in architectural, engineering, and construction businesses.

80% of entities in the U.S. have already included it in their IT strategy, and it’s seen to grow larger soon. If it’s still a foreign concept to your company, now’s a great time to learn about it. Let’s dive in and learn about the benefits of using VDI for your company.

A more flexible workspace

With a VDI, employees can access their desktop wherever they are as long as they have an internet connection. Generally speaking, that significantly increases your workplace flexibility since your employees aren’t bound to a singular device to access their work files.

Another scenario where VDI’s flexibility benefits your company is an upgrade and troubleshooting application. An administrator can start upgrading and troubleshooting without input from anyone in the company. They can also accomplish those tasks without affecting the productivity of end-users.

A VDI is also reliable for projects that require a quick setup or run for a short period. It allows for teams to streamline working on them by having a specific desktop for short projects.

Fewer security risks

Digitization exposes your company’s data to many risks. As you’re aware, plenty of cybersecurity crimes happen annually. Using a VDI is a preventative measure that protects your company’s data from being stolen or deleted by outside forces.

Since your desktop is stored in a central remote server online, you can protect it better than having it on a physical device. You’ll be able to set the rules that should keep your data in safe hands. Besides that, a VDI only sends basic input and output, which keeps your data inside its environment, significantly reducing theft.

This benefit is why a reputable Kansas managed services provider strongly recommends using VDI; it doesn’t send data down the network connection.

Migrating without disruptions

Change is inevitable, especially in business. When it’s necessary to scale up or down, it’ll disrupt the flow of operations. That’s why some entities suspend work for hours or a day when relocating or removing both software and hardware IT infrastructure.

With a VDI, you can migrate to a new software platform without a hitch. It allows users to test the new platform first before formally moving in. It does so by running different operating systems allowing users to switch simply by logging out and back in or selecting the platform or application they wish to run on.

Better disaster recovery

Recovering data after the worse is just as important as securing it. Many businesses that suffered significant data loss from cyberattacks don’t recover the data they lose. It’s not just limited to cyberattacks but with other uncontrollable variables like blackouts.

Using a VDI comes in handy when you need to recover data after a disaster. Since you have a virtual desktop, you won’t suffer from unprecedented data loss due to damages to your physical devices. Instead, your data is safely secured in a centralized online server, minimizing downtime and preventing potential damages.

Cost savings

Your company can also gain significant cost savings from desktop virtualization. To start, the costs of setting up your infrastructure will be minimal if the server setup already exists. Also, fully shifting to VDI workstations saves energy because they don’t consume much electricity than traditional desktop computers.

This also frees time for your IT personnel since they don’t have to go to each workstation to update, troubleshoot, or conduct maintenance. Instead, they can simply log in to the centralized virtual desktop server to do all those things.


Using VDI does a lot of good things for a company. It contributes to your company’s progress, in the long run, making it a great investment. Try to look into it, and see how you can take advantage of its benefits.

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