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Top 5 Tech Skills Employers Are Desperate For


Top 5 Tech Skills Employers Are Desperate For: Digital skills are being actively and aggressively sought after by employers. That means that those in the job market need to start adding those skills to their resumes if they want to become more employable. The job market is more competitive than it has been in a long time, and employers are now looking for new team members who have cross-discipline skills that bring real advantages and benefits to the workplace. The following list includes the most sought-after tech skills currently in demand by business owners. Focus on learning one or more of these and you will immediately make yourself more employable.

Top 5 Tech Skills Employers Are Desperate For


You will need to focus on a core coding language, but coding remains one of the most important tech skills to learn. Employers are desperate for team members who can code, simply because it sits at the heart of so many aspects of business management. Coding is also increasingly being used for VR and AR, which are also becoming high-value tech skills in the workplace.

Data Engineering

Big data has been integrated into almost every part of business management. That means that it is a smart idea to sign up for practical data engineering courses as soon as you can. With so much data available to the modern business, being able to design infrastructures for accumulating data and then systems for turning that data into actionable insights is one of the most important tech skills of the modern world. 

Project Management

Using digital resources to streamline project management is not a skill set that is confined solely to tech-based businesses. Every business can gain significant advantages when team members do not just know how to use digital tools for project management, but know how to get the most from those tools and resources. Even a baseline understanding of project management methodologies can go a long way to making sure your resume stands out.

Digital Marketing

There are lots of aspects to learn more about when it comes to digital marketing, but all businesses need someone on their team who has more than a basic awareness of the main principles. That means finding out more about keywords, backlinks, and SEO. There is a wide range of tutorials available online that can teach you the basics, and even some of the most technical aspects of digital marketing have dedicated guides available to read for free. Upskilling with digital marketing awareness is vital.

Social Media Management

Although this is technically a component of digital marketing, social media management is so in-demand that it deserves its own section. It is not enough to know how to publish a tweet or schedule a Facebook post. Social media managers need to know all that there is to know about the target audience, create platform-relevant content, and know the different factors that affect post-performance on every social media platform. It can be a huge subject to explore, but when brands rely on social media to get messages to consumers, it is a skill set that is well worth the time investment.

These are the most in-demand skills that employers are looking for right now. With a tech skills shortage hindering business growth, business owners are doing all that they can to attract tech-savvy team members. Choose a specialty and invest serious time into practical research, and your career could take off in surprising new directions.