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Top 5 Places for Bungee Jumping in the World

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Top 5 Places for Bungee Jumping in the World: As we know today bungee jumping is a very much popular and extreme sport worldwide, so we’ve actually compiled up as a list of the best and amazing spots. Being up your very Personal Travel Manager can coordinate up with all of the basic travel arrangements to ensure you up that you actually reach these locations, the only left thing they can’t do is actually make you jump!

Top 5 Places for Bungee Jumping in the World

Bungee Jumping
Bungee Jumping

1. Royal Gorge Suspension Bridge, USA

The popular and famed Royal Gorge Bridge above the very much great rumbling Arkansas River was built in the year 1929, and actually at above 292 metes remained up the world’s highest bridge at the height of about 321 meters until the year 2001. Basically, the bungee jump itself is almost actually up the worlds very much largest one by over up about 92 meters, offering up most of the great and amazing panoramic views across up all of the vistas that actually makes up the great national park. Just actually be prepared up to walk up the great wooden plank over the amazing river for the best and great outlook, before making up the leap of the faith.

2. Bloukrans Bridge, South Africa

The very famous Bloukrans Bridge, built in the very much early eighties, spans of South Africa’s Eastern and the Western Cape and at about the height of about 216 meters is the world’s highest commercially active bridge based of the bungee jump. The bridge actually looms up high over the great Bloukran’s river, partially hidden up by the amazing garden route’s dense forest canopy, a great and vibrant environment to take up in before taking up the plunge.

3. Contra Dam, Switzerland

Since been appearing in  the actual opening of the scene of the ‘Goldeneye’, where they actually Bond up the jumps from the dam in a very great dramatic getaway, Contra Dam has actually been a very much favorite spot for both of the Bungee and the Bond fanatics. Switzerland’s is actually the fourth largest dam which was actually built in the early year of 1960s on the Verzasca River to support up the Verzasca’s hydroelectric power station.

4. The Pipeline Bungy, New Zealand

This actual part of the Queenstown may actually look up more familiar as you take up in the scenery from about the height of about 102 meters, before taking up a great and four second free fall as you actually hurl towards up the Shotover River below. This may be because of the amazing dramatic landscape which was actually used up in the fantasy epic, ‘The lord of The Rings’, with the great jagged peaks of the basic mountains and the cascading rock faces towering over the great conifer dotted plains being up below.

5. Corinth Canal, Greece

The amazing and great Corinth Canal was actually built up in the year of 1893 to connect up in  the Gulf of the Corinth with the Saronic Gulf, however it’s actually no longer be used up as a great shipping lane because the great passage is only about 21 meters wide and being consequently too much narrow for the great and some modern commercial ships.

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