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Top 5 Highest Paying Jobs in India


Top 5 Highest Paying Jobs in India: Jobs! We have often heard people with a good salary package in lakhs and crores, where do they get it from, which are the best jobs, through which they are earning such massive amount, So here we are ending up your thinking and are now gonna have a talk on the list of “TOP 5 HIGHEST PAYING JOBS IN INDIA”.

Top 5 Highest Paying Jobs in India

1. Management Professionals

As there are very and very large number of very small time b-schools that offer degrees in management but those people which are coming from premium institutes like IIMs, IITs, XLRI, FMS, IIFT and Symbiosis get and earn a higher salary package, they enjoy more significant and easy jobs roles and have a very quick and fast-track career paths. In normal and usual they start up their career of their life as Management Trainee and go yp with 6 months-1 year of extensive and hard training. Many of the big and brandy companies have a good and well structured training programs for the new people they recruit to groom them into a position in the future leadership.

2. Investment Bankers

The career as an investment banker usually follows a formal and a standard path consisting of five different levels including the Analyst, Associate, Vice President, Director and the most important Managing Director. Salary Packages for the different levels have an appearance like this – INR 5-9 Lakhs per Annum for the Analyst, INR 7-13 Lakhs per Annum forthe Associate and INR 10-40 Lakhs per Annum for the Vice President. The popular and famous employers int his profession are Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase, Deutsche Bank, Globeop Financial Services Ltd and HSBC.

3. IT & Software Engineers

For a software engineer who is a just fresh college pass out the salary package that falls is somewhere between INR 1.5 to 2.5 Lakhs per Annum. It increases as one climbs up the the rope of succes towards his career, having a figure income of INR 3.0 to 6.0 Lakhs per Annum for software engineer/programmer analysts, INR 4.5 – 10.0 Lakhs per Annum for the senior software engineer, INR 6.0 – 13.0 Lakhs per Annum for the project lead and INR 8.0 – 19.0 Lakhs per Annum for the program manager. In surplus to the highest salaries, there are lots and lots of international assignments which often require to travel to different and various countries over the globe for the talented ones.

4. Chartered Accountants

Stabilized on the personal strengths and aspirations, a person can choose from the various opportunities that are available for a very fresh CA. Basically a chartered accountant is able to work in different sections of financial accounting, tax management, auditing, cost accounting, banking and consultancy. They also have to be a certified member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI). Employers such as E&Y, Deloitte, PWC and ICICI Bank are some of the good paying masters fin the profession of CA jobs in India. A fresh and new Chartered Accountant can earn somewhat between INR 5-7 Lakhs per Annum.

5. Oil and Natural Gas Sector Professionals

At the initial stage, in this profession one can expect a good salary of around INR 3.5 to 6 Lakhs per Annum. In India, there are numerous jobs in PSUs such as ONGC, IOCL and Bharat Petroleum for those in search of job security. PSUs offer salaries according to the Sixth Pay commission with more and more additional perks and benefits. Salaries are very much high yin the private sector with the very top rated employers ike the British Gas, Reliance Energy, Halliburton, Schlumberger and Shell. Those having an experience of 5-6 years and are graduating up from premium and named institutions having the highest degrees are capable to earn earn as high as INR 15-20 Lakhs per Annum.

Money! Money! We all need it, and for that reason we are in hurry to grab a job with a good salary package, so now we end up with our list of “TOP 5 HIGHEST PAYING JOBS IN INDIA”.