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Free Online Fax Made Business Easy!


Free Online Fax Made Business Easy!: Businesses and organizations require a safe way to deliver their archives. Safety is preferred over any other thing. Hence they use faxing to transfer their documents all around. Why faxing? People might wonder why is faxing still in use when many new ways have been established to communicate officially. Well, this is because these new ways are not as secure and safe as faxing is.

Free Online Fax Made Business Easy!

Hence, faxing still has its color in this advanced world. But it is not as it was before, and this change is a good one. Faxing has been made a lot easier than it was before. Now you do not need to worry about having things like fax machines, paper, and toner, etc. in your home or offices in order to fax your documents.

Faxing is now just a picnic. Yes, it has been made this much easier. You just have to make some clicks on your device and then you’re all set for faxing any kind of document(s). important thing is that whatever device you are using for delivering faxes must have a stable internet connection.

Need for an Online Fax Service

When you are thinking of faxing your documents over the internet, you first must understand that in order to do so, there is a need for a go-between fax service that bridges up the gap between these two media’s (fax and the internet) communication.

Fax and the internet cannot understand each other because of the incongruence of them both. Faxes operate through analog signals while the internet is powered through digital signals. That is why a third-party fax service is demanded for the successful transfer of documents between the two media.

But not all of the fax services are reliable as most of them are just scams. So you carefully need to opt for a fax service that is reliable as well as does the job well. This is a very tiring task. To save you from all the tiresome work, we have put before you the most reliable and finest-quality fax service that provides some top-quality features found in the faxing world.

CocoFax – Online Faxing is now Comfier Than Ever

The one we are talking about is none other than CocoFax. CocoFax is a free online fax service that has made its mark in the faxing world quite rapidly. With its finest quality services, CocoFax has attracted people from all over the world who have started using its superb services on a regular basis.

CocoFax is now a proud fax service of millions of users all over the planet. Not only millions of customers, but CocoFax has also gained the attention of some of the major media companies like PCMag, the New York Times, PC World and Forbes, etc.

For CocoFax, customers are everything. So to provide them with extra ease and comfort, CocoFax provides not single but multiple ways to fax from the internet. Furthermore, you can use any device for faxing that you already use for your daily chores.

A Few Simple Requirements

As we told you above that CocoFax has incorporated its faxing services by keeping customer convenience in mind. Hence there are no complicated requirements that you need to possess in order to fax through CocoFax faxing services

Internet-connected Device: You must make sure that the device you are using has an established internet connection. It is quite obvious that online faxing, which is faxing through the internet requires the internet.

CocoFax Account: Making use of CocoFax’s services and quality features requires that you must be a CocoFax account holder for the purpose. When you have an account, then and only then will you be able to send and receive faxes through the internet. You can create one using the 30-day free trial option or you can create an account using any of the subscription plans.

Fax Number: Fax number is a vital part of faxing, whether you are doing it through fax machines or you’re using an online fax service. Earlier, you had to run here and there to get a fax number for transferring your faxes and then pay for it too. And when finally you would get one, it would be a complicated one and difficult to remember and use.

But CocoFax has a solution for this too. CocoFax gives a fax number which is totally free of charge.

Faxing through CocoFax Web Dashboard

The easiest and most used way of faxing through CocoFax is by using the dashboard provided by CocoFax for faxing facilities. Here you can get detailed guidance on how to send and get faxes through this way.

Sending Faxes

Step 1: Getting yourself registered is the very first thing that you need to do. Here, you can also avail of the 30-day free trial with which you get a free month of unlimited faxing. While signing-up, provide your email address and your name too.

Step 2: After all of that, you need to choose your free fax number. Did I tell you that CocoFax allows you to choose a fax number for yourself? In this way, you can get yourself a suitable and easy to use fax number that you can easily remember too.

Step 3: When signing up is done, your CocoFax dashboard will appear before you. This is the place where you will be composing all your new faxes. Just hit the ‘new fax’ button and you can start with it right away.

Write the recipient’s fax address in the ‘To’ field. Fax address is composed of the relative person’s fax number after which the fax service extension,@cocofax.com comes. If you write some text in the ‘Subject’ field, it will appear as a top note at the start of your document when it arrives where it is destined to.

Whereas, the text is written in ‘Cover Page’ comes as the first page of your fax archive. However, the latter two fields are optional, you can leave them vacant too.

After rechecking all of the things, hit the send button and then lie down. CocoFax will take care of the rest. You will get a confirmation message after all the sending procedure has been done and your fax has arrived at its destination with success.

Receiving Faxes

The process of receiving faxes is even simpler. However, it would not be wrong to say that there is no process at all. You just need to visit your dashboard from the web browser. There, all of your received faxes will be present under the Inbox tab. You can easily access them from there.


We have provided complete details about CocoFax, what it offers and how does it work. You must have seen that all of the procedure is rather simple and easy. To get further info, you must start using CocoFax right away.