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Top 5 Best Restaurant in New York


Top 5 Best Restaurant in New York: Hey guys if you are looking for restaurant in New York then i have collected the Top 5 Best Restaurant in New York. These are the best restaurant of New York and you will definitely going to love these restaurant.

Top 5 Best Restaurant in New York

1. Daniel


Daniel has a reputation that is way up there. Everything is amazing, including the prices. They will make a tasteful addition. In the cocktail section, they have a combo of two mini martinis, some savory, and one sweet. If you are in New York then you should visit this restaurant and you will definitely going to love this restaurant.  Daniel is certainly one of the best fine-dining experiences you could have in NYC. It is extremely price worthy for this level of service, food quality, and atmosphere. The best attributes of this place is that decorations are so nice, you literally enjoy watching food.

2. Gabriel Kreuther


If you are interested in very fine food that is prepared with precision and detail than you must give this place a try. And aside from the beautifully prepared food the service is refined and the dining room is beautiful and very comfortable. This is the best of fine dining in NYC today. Everything is presented beautifully and several dishes are downright inspiring. Here every course is as beautiful as a work of art with flavors that surprise as they unfold. You will not leave Hungry! I recommend this restaurant to you and your family.

3. Per Se


Per se is a beautifully crafted restaurant. It is an extremely classy restaurant and moreover when you step through those doors you feel important. The restaurants dimmed lighting provides a calming sense throughout the whole restaurant as if trying to mask the chaos that is going on in the kitchen and in the minds of the wait staff. However this chaos that is so well masked by the perfectly fitted suits, dimmed lighting, and calm collected voices of the wait staff unfortunately showed itself in parts of the meal.

4. Lincoln Square Steak


The Lincoln Square Steak is a wonderful place to enjoy an American Steak house fare at its best.
Everything from the food, (steak, sides, appetizers, wine selection are at par with the best ones in NYC), service (multilingual, mature, professional and knowledgeable of the menu and wine selection) to the ambiance and decor will leave you happy you went. Bruno, the wonderful, attentive owner is always on hand making sure that the customer is satisfied. He takes the expression “The customer is always right” to a whole other level.Try this place. You will be happy you did.

5. Gramercy Tavern

If you’re looking for fancy flatware and table’s capes fit for a king with great food and reasonable prices, check this place out! A brand new twist to wood burning grilled food. When you walk in they immediately treat you like you’re a VIP whether you are there to eat or grab a drink at the bar. The grilled lamb was cooked to perfection and the vegetables were fresh and crisp. The prices are reasonable for the serving of food and you don’t tip your waiters/waitresses because it’s included on your bill. This isn’t just another restaurant, it’s an experience!

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