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Ed Razek Comes Under Fire For Sexist and Lewd Comments Made to Bella Hadid


Ed Razek owns many fashion labels. It is his talent to create stylish clothes that has enabled him to have work published in many magazines. His comments made to Bella Hadid, among others, have recently brought him under scrutiny. Some of his remarks are lewd and sexist.

L Brands responds

Victoria’s Secret, the famous fashion label, is under scrutiny after an investigation by New York Times revealed that there was a hostile culture to sexual harassment. A former employee claimed she was shuffled from Bath & Body Works to complain about alleged inappropriate behavior by a senior executive.

L Brands Inc. also owns Bath & Body Works. Victoria’s Secret is part of L Brands Inc. The company had recently struggled with a number of allegations, including a lack of diversity in the modeling cast.

A former marketing director for the company, Ed Razek, was accused of making lewd comments about Bella Hadid and touching a model’s crotch before a show. According to the NYT, he also asked models to lie on his lap and tried to kiss them.

Razek harassed a former employee of the public relations department at the company, according to a report. The company did not respond to her complaints.

sexist remark about women’s bodies

A recent report by the New York Times details allegations of bullying and sexism at Victoria’s Secret. This report reveals that ex-executives made derogatory remarks about others’ bodies.

Ed Razek (Victoria’s Secret’s ex-chief marketing officer) has been accused making suggestive and sexist remarks about women’s bodies.

According to the report, he made comments about Bella Hadid’s breasts and crotch. Andi Muise also received a few intimate emails from him.

According to the Times, Razek was accused by a former employee. The document contained a list of complaints against Razek.

Some of the more outrageous claims included demeaning comments about women and inappropriate touching of one of the models.

Another employee complained to the company’s human resources department about his behavior. The incident was eventually investigated by the company’s human resources department.

Mitro was put on administrative leave in addition to being awarded an undisclosed amount from the company. She reported to the company’s board of directors about the alleged misconduct.

lewd comments to supermodel Bella Hadid

The former Chief Marketing Officer of Victoria’s Secret, Ed Razek, is accused of making sexual comments to model Bella Hadid. He also was accused in attempting to kiss and ask for the numbers of women.

The New York Times reported on these allegations, along with many more in a scathing slapdown of the lingerie company. This is an awful commentary about the misogyny that exists at the top in the lingerie business.

Bullying is very common in the lingerie industry. When you consider the bullying claims against Razek and the other Victoria’s Secret executives, it becomes even more concerning.

Ed Razek led the Victoria’s Secret fashion show’s annual runway shows when he was the head of that event. But he has been accused of bullying females and using other indecent behavior.

Razek is accused of making some very inappropriate remarks during a fitting at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Razek reportedly inquired about Bella Hadid’s ability to walk the runway wearing perfect titties. He also questioned whether transgender models should have the right to walk down the runway.

Touching the crotchs of another model

Victoria’s Secret marketing director Ed Razek made inappropriate comments and touched the crotch of a model during a fitting. He also was accused of asking model to lie on his lap while fittings were taking place.

According to The New York Times Razek is known for making “demeaning remarks” to models. One woman, Andi Muise, claims that VS stopped hiring her after she refused Razek’s advances. In addition, VS dropped Muise from the company’s annual fashion show after she rejected his requests.

The report claims that three people were in the fitting room when Razek allegedly touched the crotch of a woman without her permission. Another document indicates that Razek requested a woman’s number.

After a complaint was filed by an employee, Razek’s behaviour was reported to the HR department. Razek was, however according to the HR Department, not formal disciplined. Some of those women who complained about Razek’s behaviour were punished.