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7 Best Quality Rock Climbing Gloves For 2018


7 Best Quality Rock Climbing Gloves For 2018: Whenever you plan for rock climbing, you need a lot many accessories such as the gloves, ropes, safety gears etc. this article is all about guiding you about various things that will help you in choosing the rock climbing gloves for you. Firstly, there are three most important factors which you must consider before buying any climbing gloves such as the material of which the gloves are made up of.

The material of the gloves must be comfortable and highly durable. Another factor is its designing in which you have to check the various options such as fingerless gloves and others. The size is also necessary feature as your overall experience would depend largely on the choice of comfortable choice.

7 Best Quality Rock Climbing Gloves For 2018

Let us look at the top rated rock climbing gloves for 2018 which are mentioned below:

1. Black Diamond Crag Half finger Climbing Gloves

This is in the top-notch position if you consider buying the best ones from the market. It has a striking feature as it is composed of synthetic leather, also it comprises of a stretchable mesh through which the air can be passed, and the knuckle pads aids in enhancing comfort while climbing on rocks. These gloves are accompanied by the hook and loop closure facility as well as the presence of a clip-in loop.

2. Petzl Cordex Belay Glove

The Cordex is one of the most prominent gloves which are known for providing the best comfort level while climbing. It is highly sensitive due to its structuring which has been done with the skin of a goat and also the durability of this product is quite high. The only limitation of this product is that it is bulkier for carrying purposes and is most expensive but due to its commendable features, it is always considered to be worth buying it.

3. Metolius Climbing Gloves

These gloves have undoubtedly the most striking features which make it another best choice for using as an aid for climbing purposes. It is a superb combination of being highly durable and has greater dexterity in comparison to other choices. It also has solid clip present between loops and closure at writs portion. It’s designing has been done in such a way so as to provide maximum comfort to the user. In case you are looking for half finger gloves with high durability, then this can be the most appropriate choice.

4. Ocun Crack climbing gloves

These gloves are made up of high-quality rubber that offers great sensitivity and a microfiber that is stretchable and offers substantially good friction. This product is quite durable and is known for enhanced performance due to the great comfort that it provides. The additional advantages of using these gloves are that these can be easily carried out due to the lightweight and the presence of closure made from Velcro is very appealing.

5. Outdoor Research Splitter Gloves

These are imported gloves with the highest durability and provide maximum comfort in comparison to other branded options. This is designed in such a way that it is easier to carry and it’s a good choice for both the professional rock climbers as well as the occasional ones. Another striking feature is the presence of rubber which comprises of anti-slipping properties. It also offers enhanced dexterity due to the open palm designing.

6. Climb X Super Crack Gloves

These gloves provide an X-factor experience so that you can thoroughly enjoy your trip. It also provides high reliability. It also contains high durability and designing is completely excellent due to its composition of elastic stuff. The gloves can mold with respect to time and the fingers can be adjusted in a comfortable manner.

7. Camp Start Climbing Gloves fingerless gloves yellow/black

It is one of the safest options to use while going for rock climbing and it may lead to enhance your experience at some other level. It is composed of synthetic fiber which leads to better performance and extra comfort.


The bottom line is that the rock climbing experience is enhanced when you select the most comfortable accessories especially the gloves. Therefore, you should make a choice as per your requirements and specifications under your budget.