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Top 5 Best Liquid Hand Wash Soaps Brands in India


Hello, Everyone Today I am going to share some interesting facts on The Top 5 Best Liquid Hand Wash Soaps Brands in India. These are the best liquid hand wash soaps in the Indian market.

Now Today most of the hospitals, homes, office and the schools are provided with a hand wash soap mainly in a liquid form. The Liquid Hand Wash Soaps can give you 99% of germ protection.

These liquid Hand Wash Soaps are the best leading brands in Indian markets.

Their liquid hand wash is available in the more of the local markets and in the online shopping sites at an affordable price.

If you are really looking for a good hand wash brand So Here is the list of The Top 5 Best Liquid Hand Wash Soaps Brands in India.

1. Dettol


The Dettol is known as the trade name for a line of hygiene products, which was launched in the year of 1936.

The Reckitt Benckiser is the owner of this brand. The Dettol is considered as an antiseptic.

It is commonly used to clean cuts, wounds and many more. The brand manufactures of the Dettol liquid hand wash product. This product will kill all the bacteria and the germs on the hand and keeps your hands germs free.

In Most of the hospital many staffs using this product. It also provides the best and the long-lasting fragrance.

The Dettol Sensitive Hand wash Pouch, Dettol Fresh Liquid Hand Wash, Dettol Original Liquid Hand wash etc. are the variants of this product.

2. Lifebuoy


The Lifebuoy is considered as the leading soap brands of the Hindustan Unilever Limited. They claim to offer the world’s No. 1 hand wash, which offers the 99.9% germ protection.

Their hand wash is clinically proven and protective from the germs. The Lifebuoy hand wash is available in the Hand wash Refill Pack and in the Pump.

The Lifebuoy Active Fresh Liquid Hand wash Pump, the Lifebuoy Nature Hand wash, Lifebuoy Care Hand wash Refill and the Lifebuoy Color Changing Hand wash etc. are the variants of this product.

3. Santoor


The Wipro Limited is considered as an Indian Information Technology Services Corporation, who introduced the Santoor in the year of 1986.

The Essential oil, Extra moisturizing, Extra Gentle, Glycerin and the Apricot are the variants of its hand wash.

Their hand wash is a combination of the natural ingredients and the unique formulation. These hand washes provide the natural fragrance and also keep the skin soft. Besides, it will give protection from the germs.

4. Savlon


The Savlon is considered as an antiseptic brand that contains the two cetrimide, antiseptics and the chlorhexidine gluconate.

This company is known as an India’s trusted hygiene brand from the ITC, which has a heritage of more than the 50 years. Its hand wash with the Silver Nano particles in it is available in the 3 different variants such as the Savlon Double Strength Hand wash, Savlon Moisture Shield Hand wash and the Savlon Herbal Sensitive Hand wash.

5. LUX


The LUX is a well-known global brand, which was founded in the year of 1925 by the Unilever. It has a wide range of the products such as the hand wash, conditioners, beauty soaps, bath additives, hair shampoos and the shower gels.

The LUX Strawberry and the Cream Hand wash is a famous product of the LUX. It is a blend of the antibacterial material and the essential oils.

So, these are The Top 5 Best Liquid Hand Wash Soaps Brands in India. These Hand Wash Soaps are very useful and more protective for the hands as it kills the bacterial germs and also it leaves the fresh fragrance. If any Queries or Questions is persist then please feel free to comment your view points.