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Ezra Miller offers to ‘Knock Out’ Retail Worker in A TikTok Video


In a TikTok Video, Ezra Miller inexplicably Offers to “knock out” a Store Employee: In a strange video that has just reappeared on TikTok in light of the troubled actor’s previous actions, Ezra Miller was seen on camera making the unusual offer to “knock out” a store employee.

Ezra Miller bizarrely offers to ‘knock out’ retail worker in TikTok video

Miller, who identifies as non-binary, adds to someone off-screen, “It’s a choice I present people with, constantly,” before realizing they are being filmed.

“I could always just knock you out, so you wouldn’t need to worry. Just inform me. No? Yes?”

The worker then asks Miller, “What?” while giggling nervously, and then the video ends.

The film, which was initially shot in 2020, was re-posted to TikTok by user Peter Knight on Sunday, according to Newsweek.

Knight posted the photo of Miller, 29, with the phrase “I simply wanted a picture, dawg.”

The “Justice League” actor was allegedly approached by Knight for a photo before Miller asked if he wanted to be “knocked out,” Knight later revealed to followers in the comments section.

The post had over 800,000 likes as of Tuesday, and it received a deluge of comments making fun of the interaction with Miller.

One person wrote, “Reverse Flash mindset,” while another wrote, “Bro mistakenly said yeah to getting punched.”

A third said, “Everyone discovers [them] but the police,” while a fourth added, “They’re so menacing for no reason.”

Miller has been in the news recently for its involvement in a number of incidents.

A German woman said Miller branded her a “Nazi” in June after she revealed to them that she was a Holocaust survivor’s descendent.

The “Perks of Being a Wallflower” star was also charged with harboring a young mother and her three young children at their Vermont house, which was allegedly filled with weapons, ammo, and marijuana earlier that month.

In addition, two parents charged them of grooming their 18-year-old child through “cult-like” and “psychologically manipulative” actions. The youngster adamantly refuted the charges, though.

A different parent came out a few days later and accused the actor of acting improperly towards their 12-year-old. A temporary restraining order against Miller was given to the parent and child, according to The Daily Beast.

Miller was additionally detained many times in Hawaii in March and April, first for disorderly behavior and harassment and later for second-degree assault.

After a video leaked in 2020 that looked to show Miller choking a fan in a bar in Reykjavik, Iceland, Miller also found themselves in hot trouble.

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