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Things to consider before you buy a Telescoping Flag Poles


Things to Consider Before You Buy a Telescoping Flag Poles: Today, most people are opting in for telescopic flagpoles for their homes and vacation houses. If you are also mulling over a purchase, then it is essential that you make some necessary considerations.

And are you searching for a telescopic flagpole? If you have answered yes to the question, then you need to select the flagpole wisely, for it to endure the changing weather conditions. You should always choose quality over a discounted price. And if you want a flagpole that is of good quality and is priced affordably, you can check out Atlantic Flag and Pole Sale.

Things to Consider Before You Buy a Telescoping Flag Poles

Here are some of the essential points to know and consider.

  • Know the size well

Generally, telescopic flagpoles come in two primary sizes, i.e., 22ft and 16ft poles. The poles collapse typically at a manageable size, and you can even store it to use it later. But when you extend the flagpole, you have to ensure that it’s robust and very durable. It shouldn’t either break or bend during adverse weather conditions or when it’s incredibly windy.  

  • Learn about the material

Most of the telescopic flagpoles are either made of fiberglass or aluminum. You also can select from the regular or the sturdy poles. Additionally, you might also want to choose the mounts that get attached to flagpole location (a building or vehicle) without creating any hassles.

  • Learn about the mounting

Today, you can choose from the fiberglass telescopic flagpole that comes with easy to use mounts. It is durable and very light. The online suppliers today have all the choices available. When you select the best material and mounting, you know that your telescopic flagpole will stay and function correctly during rough weather conditions. It will also provide you with ample flexibility. Whether you mount it on your garden, home roof, front yard, boat or a Toy Hauler, it will perform well.

  • Be careful about the pricing

Generally, the telescopic flagpoles are cost-effective, when you purchase it from a reputed supplier online. However, there’s going to be a minimal price difference between a wood, and aluminum telescopic flagpole. Usually, the wood variant will cost you less, as it is less durable than the other two materials. But that doesn’t mean you end up paying an excessive amount for both aluminum and fiberglass telescopic flagpoles. It is always better to conduct research and compare the price. That way you can get the best deal.

  • Don’t shy away from online flagpole sales

Some customers often shy away from the online telescopic flagpole sale! They feel that they might not get the authentic products or might have to pay extra for the shipping charges. Today, reputed flagpole suppliers and manufacturers are available online, and they are only interested in a fair deal. So, you need to select the best brand and take your pick.

These are the five primary considerations that you need to make when you are all set to purchase a telescopic flagpole. If you have any questions on the durability and functionality, you can ask your supplier about it for useful details.


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