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How To Choose The Best Solar Panels


When it comes to alternative sources of renewable energy, solar is a great option. Solar energy can supply an entire power grid or serve as a supplement. However, setting up a solar power system is difficult. You mustinvest in the right equipment and ensure power generation meets your needs. Unfortunately, the market is flooded with poor quality, inefficient panels and this makes it necessary to know how to choose the best solar panels.

How To Choose The Best Solar Panels

Check the design

There are numerous design options available for solar panels. Each has its benefits and drawbacks.

Monocrystalline panels are the most efficient panels at converting light energy to electricity. However, they are the most expensive option. The panels are also harmful to the environment. They are designed from high quality silicon and a lot of waste is produced during the manufacturing process. This deters potential users looking to conserve the environment with solar energy.

Polycrystalline panelsare the most common variety in use. They are not the most efficient option but their environmentally friendly manufacturing process makes up for most of the drawbacks.Moreover, the panels are cheaper than monocrystalline panels.

Thin film panelsare great for those looking to save money or run a temporary solar system. The panels are inexpensive, costing almost half the price of other solar panel options. The only downside to operating thin film panels is bulk and poor durability

Amorphous panels are costlier than thin film panels but offer twice as much efficiency. Moreover, their small design allows fitting on limited spaces.

The brand

It’s important to know who you are buying from. There are many names in the solar energy market. Big names offer reliable products but smaller companies tend to bring more innovation on the table. Do your research and look up reviews from different users. Moreover, follow up on suppliers to ensure you don’t buy counterfeit products. Reliable suppliers have friendly sales agreements with good product and performance warranties. If a supplier can commit to such agreements, you can trust their products. If you are uncertain of which brands to buy, consult and experienced professional.

The watt rating

Performance measure on solar panels is quite specific. The yield from a single panel is often given by the manufacturer to allow users select a panel that fits their system. Most solar panels have a watt rating of 150-370watts. It’s important to seek professional input to find out which unit works best for you

The price

The cost of solar installations can run into high figures depending on the fixtures you want to install. Top quality panels from reputable brands cost more than standard panels. Nonetheless, big brands guaranteed good performance. There are some good small brands with cheaper alternatives but you must do your research well to ensure you are getting good value for your money. Before installation, prepare a budget and seek professional input on the best solar system you can get for your price.

Other limitations

Other than equipment, there are other factors that determine the output of your solar power system. The peak sunlight hours is one determinant. If you reside in location with low peak sunlight hours,ahigh yield solar system with a good power storage unit is the best option. Another consideration is space. For small spaces, you need efficient solar panels to maximize on energy yield. On the other hand, large spaces offer more freedom to go with whichever panel you prefer.

It is indubitable that selection of a good solar panel goes beyond picking one from a catalogue. There is a lot you have to consider and professional help is advisable.

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