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The Rise Of Volodymyr Zelensky: From Comedian To Ukraine President Zelensky


Who ever thought a comedian could one day become president of their country? Well, that was exactly the case in Ukraine when Volodymyr Zelensky, an accomplished comedian and TV personality, surged to power with an astounding victory in 2019.

Many were intrigued by his rise to power and how he managed to transform from being an entertainer into an effective politician. In this article, we examine Zelensky’s election victory as well as the factors contributing to it.



Volodymyr Zelensky was born on January 25, 1978 in Krivyi Rih, Ukraine. Initially trained as a lawyer but his passion for comedy ultimately led him to pursue acting instead. His performance as President in “Servant of the People,” depicting an anti-corruption teacher who became president after his anti-corruption rant went viral, resonated with many Ukrainians who felt disillusioned with the political establishment.

The Election Campaign

In 2019, Ukraine president zelensky surprised many political analysts when he declared his candidacy for president. His platform revolved around anti-corruption measures, promising to clean up politics and make the government more accountable.

Furthermore, he promised that ordinary citizens could participate more in decision-making processes. As his candidacy gained traction, he became quickly the frontrunner in the race.

On March 31st, Zelensky took an impressive 30% of the vote ahead of incumbent President Petro Poroshenko who polled 16%. On April 21st, Zelensky won by 73% to 24% – an amazing victory that sent shockwaves through Ukraine’s political establishment.

Factors Contributing to Zelensky’s Victory

Zelensky’s victory was driven by several factors. His anti-establishment message resonated with many Ukrainians who were fed up with the existing political class.

Furthermore, his promises to combat corruption and make the government more accountable also resonated with voters.

Furthermore, his celebrity status as a comedian gave him an advantage in terms of name recognition and charisma. Finally, his campaign used social media and technology effectively to engage young voters who turned out in large numbers to back him.


Volodymyr Zelensky’s ascent to power has been one of the most captivating political stories in recent history. A comedian who began his career on a show about an anti-corruption president, Zelensky became the real-life president of Ukraine with an emphatic victory in 2019.

his election serves as a clear indication that Ukrainians are ready for change and an end to traditional methods of politics. As their country faces significant geopolitical obstacles, Zelensky’s presidency will be closely observed, and his leadership abilities put to test.

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