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The Kapil Sharma Show Grace The Show Cast by Shehzada


The Kapil Sharma Show Grace The Show Cast by Shehzada: Please see below a written update on The Kapil Sharma Show that we are sharing with you.

One of the best comedies is this program. This show has returned for a second season and has enjoyed strong ratings on television.

Kapil Sharma and his crew are back for another season of fan entertainment.

On Saturday and Sunday, this program airs on Sony TV. People now want to miss even one episode of this show because it has attracted so much interest.

More details regarding the program are available here, and we will share them with you in this article.

Kapil Sharma and his crew will make the show spectacular

As we all know, it’s Sunday, and The Kapil Sharma Show fans have been anticipating today’s show since they know Kapil Sharma and his crew will make it even more spectacular and exciting.

Fans of this show have enjoyed it for a very long time. The Kapil Sharma show team will represent the Shehzada crew today. They are here to spread the word about their film Shehzada.

Because of the Shehzada cast, today’s episode will be fantastic and unique.

When it comes to the previous edition of the program, Shark Tank made it very exciting and engaging. For more details on the program, scroll down the page.

Special guests are Shahzaada film crew

Today’s special guests include the renowned Shahzaada film crew. The episode opens with Kapil Sharam, the show’s presenter, introducing Kirti Sanon, Kartik Aryan, Ronit Roy, and Rajpal Yadav as guests.

On stage, Kirti Sanon and Kartik Aryan perform Munda Shona hu Main Kudi Tu Crore di.

Kirti replies, “First, come up with a new line as the same line you speak to everyone,” when Kapil compliments her appearance.

Then everyone chuckles when Kapil says, “You look nice with Kartik after Me.”

According to the other promotional video, Bhuri, aka Sumona, will arrive and question Kapil about why he has put locks on her kitchen jars.

Kapil responds in anger that since he can’t put locks on her family’s mouths, he must put them on the jars.

Offended, Bhuri complains to the visitors that Kapil is only skilled at talking. Remember to watch The Kapil Sharma Show on the Sony TV channel.

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