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Behold Barack Antoinette


Behold Barack Antoinette: Barack Obama has been in the news lately. Not only because of his “green card” controversy. He has also been criticized for his passive lifestyle and high-status life.

This article examines Obama’s personal life and shows that it is not always as it seems. This article also addresses some of the criticisms made about Obama by Maureen Dowd.

Op-ed by Maureen Dowd

Maureen Dowd (an opinion columnist with The New York Times) has taken a harsh stance against former President Barack Obama. Her August op ed, “Behold Barack Antoinette,” appeared in The New York Times.

This critique was of Obama’s party for his 60th Birthday. Obama did not invite John Legend and Bradley Cooper to his party.

When the op-ed was published, Twitter users responded, praising and criticizing it. Some people said they liked the criticism while others accused the columnist of being a racist smear artist.

In the end, Maureen Dowd criticized Obama for having a high-status life during his presidency. She wrote also about Obama’s fascination with entertainment.

After Obama left office, his life continued to be one of the richest and most scandalous in recent history.

Dowd claimed that Obamas have become part of a nouveau wealthy class. He compared the Obamas with the 1920s nouveau riche.

Obama’s “disillusioning,” high-status life

Obama said that he grew up in an “impartial, liberal, and white” family. But the family was anything but typical.

Barack’s mother Hazel Johnson was an accomplished writer who was the mainstay of their household.

The elder Obama, however, was an alcoholic when he was younger and used the brass ring of his father as self-gratification. In the end, the man gave up. It was an unusual family.

Barack grew-up just blocks from the spot of the famed 1896 Chicago race Riot.

Federal government housing and construction programs helped his family move to Chicago. As a result, Barack’s father became an able-bodied black emigrant.

His father’s penchant to tamper with his child’s mind was one of the most defining traits. This was his most significant lesson: he must learn how to read.

The young man was finally sent to Chicago’s most prestigious public school system.

Obama’s passive character throughout his presidency

Just like with everything in life, do your homework before leaping to conclusions. So, for example, is it a good idea to pass a law? This holds true especially for the onerous and dangerous sandbox.

Here politicians, zealots, can cause havoc. Aside from the usual suspects, the government has the ability to perform a host of other functions, such as regulating gambling and the release of lethal weaponry. It is important to consider when it is best.

The Obama administration’s use and abuse of executive authority goes back a while.

The former was responsible for many of our recent innovation successes. Despite the Obama administration’s efforts, the GOP has been able to thwart several of them.

De facto, President Obama’s enemies have been more assertive in their attempts to take control of the country. The Oval Office occupants are now being tested.

Obama’s criticism of the Lord & Savior

Many have seen the painting of President Barack Obama created by Michael D’Antuono. The picture has caused quite a stir in America, especially among Christians.

D’Antuono paints President Obama holding his arms out like Christ on the Cross, and with his head crowned in thorns.

It may appear odd to use this painting as a Christian art work, but the idea is to compare it to Jesus Christ.

This is an Obama metaphor. It’s currently displayed at Bunker Hill Community college Art Gallery.

4000 email disapprovals of the painting were received by the artist from Christian organizations.

Bill Donohue, president of the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights is one example. The event was cancelled due to these emails and other Christian voices.

Obama started speaking publicly after his election about his faith, and how religion plays a role in government.

Obama has spoken out about his faith in the inaugural speech and mentioned religion when addressing the Middle East and economy.

Many Americans believe that he hasn’t done enough to express his love for Christianity.