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University of Pretoria, Thapelo Menwe Shot Dead For His Cellphone


Thapelo Menwe, a student at the University of Pretoria, was killed while attempting to use his cellphone. Menwe, a 23-year-old student at the University of Pretoria, was killed early on Saturday morning during an armed robbery.

As a result of the police discovering a CCTV camera recording of the entire incident and the sheriff sharing this video on social media, the news is currently going viral online.

People are paying him tribute and asking questions about this news, therefore we have covered a lot of ground in the following section. Keep reading it and follow chopnews to get more updates

What happened to Thapelo Menwe?

thapelo menwe

This incident happened on Saturday at 1:43 AM while a Pretoria student was on his way home to visit his buddies. Two males in their car were following him as he travelled.

When he resisted them trying to take his phone, they shot him and fled after stealing it. After only a few minutes, his body was discovered, and the men were detained after authorities discovered the video they had recorded and realised they also had his cell phone.

Who Was Thapelo Menwe?

He was a Pretoria University student and only 23 years old. He learned from his acquaintance that Menwe and he both went to the same institution, and that Menwe had a degree in financial science.

A first-year student at this university claimed that he learned of the incident from a WhatsApp group and that his parents were made aware of it. His pals are horrified because they spent the night with him and found out he had passed just an hour later.

Why was Thapelo Menwe killed? What made them kill him?

Yes, the criminals who attempted to steal his phone and killed him were apprehended after police spotted the same vehicle close to the entrances with them holding his phone.

Colonel Mavela & Masondo, who killed this student, were both 38 years old. He will reportedly face charges for murder, armed robbery, and unlawful possession of a weapon.

People are upset after hearing that the police are looking into this case. Some rules have been issued for the people you need to keep you secure, and it is better not to leave the house at a late hour. I wish Menwe peace.

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