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Who is Sumner Stroh? Accusing Adam Levine of Cheating on His Pregnant Wife



Sumner Stroh was the overnight news after making viral claims against Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine. According to Stroh, she claimed she had an affair for one year with Adam Levine, who is married to Behati Prinsloo.

This was according to her now-making fast rounds on the internet TikTok video. Worse, Prinsloo was allegedly pregnant with Levine’s third child as the claims spread on the internet.

Stroh claimed that Levin and her relationship ended in April. She also provided screengrabs of flirtatious DMs between them and shared a note supporting her claims of their alleged split.

Levine, however, denied having an affair with Stroh after hearing the news Tuesday.

Levine made a lengthy statement in which he acknowledged that he had flirted with Stroh online, but denied any claims of a long-term relationship.

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Who is Sumner Stroh?

Sumner Stroh is an Instagram model with 340,000 followers and 320,000 on TikTok.

She is represented by Verge Agency. This agency also represents other stars such as Austin Mahone and Pia Mia.

Sumner, according to her LinkedIn, attended The University of Texas at Austin in 2016 and 2020.

She worked as a media manager at Bumble while still in school and was a digital influencer at Boohoo.

She is also the marketing manager for the accessories brand Strung By Stroh.

Her sister Baylen Stroh launched it in 2019. I created and manage the college ambassador program.

Sumner’s Linkedin says, “I seek out influencers that can help me create website traffic, social media traffic, and sales.”

Strung by Stroh’s About Page explains that the brand was founded by Baylen, who loved making jewelry with Sumner and her grandmother as a child.

Baylen Stroh founded Strung by Stroh in 2016. SBS is a unique, affordable jewelry line that Baylen Stroh created out of her love for making jewelry every summer with her grandmother and sister.

Although the brand is owned Baylen, Sumner has a collection with Strung By Stroh called ” X SBS.” It includes 13 pieces, ranging from a $65 LMAO ring to a $45 waist chain.

Sumner has 6.25k subscribers to her YouTube channel, where she posts outfit hauls, vacation videos, and beauty videos.

Sumner has also created a OnlyFans page where she shared more than 250 posts. “Never say never lol. You are now the only place to access my exclusive content! Let’s get acquainted!

Sumner’s OnlyFans bio says. Sumner shared in her OnlyFans bio a link to her Amazon Wishlist.

It includes a Canon camera at $439 and a $644 diamond bracelet, as well as a $31 kitchen utensil kit. “Thank youuuu! “Appreciate you all,” is the description of her wishlist.

Sumner Stroh age

Sumner Stroh is how old? According to Sumner’s Linkedin, Sumner was born on August 10.

According to Sumner’s YouTube, she celebrated her 21st Birthday in August 2020 by going to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

This makes her 23-years-old, 20 years younger than Adam. “BIRTHDAY GIRLS!!!!!!! Stroh captioned an Instagram photo in 2022.

Did Adam Levine cheat with Sumner Stroh on Behati Prinsloo?

Adam Levine Cheated on Behati Prinsloo with Sumner Stroh. Behati Prinsloo and Adam announced their third baby news in less than a week.

Sumner, an Instagram model posted a TikTok clip in September 2022 in which Sumner claimed that she had an affair and asked Adam to name the baby after her.

Sumner stated, “Essentially, it was an affair with a man married to a Victoria’s Secret Model.” Sumner said, “At that time, I wasn’t very young and I was foolish.

Quite frankly, I feel exploited. “I was not in the scene as I am now so I was very easily manipulated.”

Sumner shared a screenshot of direct messaging between her and Adam. Sumner wrote to Adam, “Seeing you in person, I was like…I was fucked,” and Adam replied, “You’re 50 times hotter in real life.”

Sumner said in the TikTok that Adam and I had been seeing each other for approximately a year.

This is how he entered my life after I stopped speaking to him for a few months.

Sumner shared another image of Adam’s direct message in which he requested that Behati name their third child “Sumner”. “Ok serious question.

I am having another baby, and if it is a boy, I want to name it Sumner. Are you okay with this? Adam wrote, “DEAD serious.”

Sumner said in TikTok that he was like “I’m in hell.” I must be in hell at that point.

My morals were not aware of this. I was totally manipulated.

Sumner explained then why she made her story public. Sumner said, “I wanted to handle this privately.

She said that she didn’t want to speak out because I knew the consequences of doing what I do, making the money I do and being an Instagram Model, so being tied with a story such as this, I understand the stereotypes.

I had sent screenshots to friends that I believed I trusted, and one of them tried to sell the photos to a tabloid.

So here I am.” Sumner captioned his TikTok, “embarrassed that I was involved with a man who has such an utter lack of remorse or respect.”

Sumner posted the TikTok and Sumner wrote in her Instagram Story: “Aware that many people will attempt to fill the gaps with many false assumptions.” Given the way this was done, I don’t feel I’m doing any favors. Although it’s difficult to take in, I hope that the truth can help me at least.

Alyson Rose posted a TikTok clip accusing Adam and Behati of cheating after Sumner’s TikTok.

Alyson posted a TikTok clip in which she shared a screenshot from Instagram DMs between Adam and her. He tells her that his birthday is March 18, and they shouldn’t talk to each other.

Adam replied, “I shouldn’t be talking to You you know [that] right]?” Alyson replied, “Yeah, but if I am just friends, I think it appropriate.”

In the TikTok video she said, “I have a lot of things that were not appropriate.” I didn’t feel like posting all of it and I never intended to.

Like the other girl, this is the only way it would have ever come out if someone ever posted it.” She also said that many of her friends had seen it and were shocked.

I am really happy, and I have a great life. If there are other girls who have had this experience with him, which I know they have, I think they should post it. I feel terrible for his wife, and this is something that nobody deserves.

Alyson also shared another TikTok video in which she told Adam about another screenshot of DMs. Alyson said that Alyson is “so weird” and listens to metal only.

Adam replied, “Said no other hot chicks than you.” Alyson responded, “Lmaoooo. Adam replies, “I’m like a total strangeo.” Witchy.

Some facts about Sumner Stroh

She’s an Instagram Model

Sumner is an Instagram model and has worked with many brands. She also has a Youtube channel, where she posts beauty and travel content.

She hails from Texas
Stroh, a social media influencer aged 23 who models on Instagram, is originally from Austin Texas.

She is a major in marketing
The influencer attended New Braunfels High School, and then went on to The University of Texas. The university awarded her a degree in Marketing and Advertising.

She’s not the only child
Sumner is the third of three siblings. Sumner has one older sister, and two younger brothers.

Her family has an influencer
Sumner’s older sister Baylen Stroh, who also has a jewellery business and is a well-known Instagram influencer, is another.

She’s a great social media guru
Sumner is estimated to have a net worth of around USD 600k due to her numerous sponsorships and brand deals.

She is also an employee
Sumner is also reportedly the marketing manager for a jewelry brand.

She worked at Bumble
According to reports, Sumner was even a media manager at Bumble.

She is a popular user of social media
Sumner has more than 350k followers on her TikTok profile and has more than 380k followers on Instagram.

She is a member of OnlyFans
The influencer also tried her hand at OnlyFans, where she got a free page.

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