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Sujit Sutradhar Died: Former UP Member Sujit Sutradhar Killed


Sujit Sutradhar Died: Former UP Member Sujit Sutradhar Killed- On June 21, 2022, the former vice-president of the BNP’s Hajipur Union Parishad passed dead.

Today in this article we have shared every information about Sujit Sutradhar death, you can know here who was he, what is the cause of his death and was he killed? Read the full article to get updated about the trending news.

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Who was Sujit Sutradhar?

He resided in the UP. In Hajipur, Narsingdi, he ran a company. He had a store in the Narsingdi neighborhood.

He was well-liked in his community due to his previous membership in Hajipur Ward No. 3. She had a husband and a child. Sujan is the name of one of his kids.

In Hajipur, Narsingdi, he and Sujan jointly ran their shop. At the age of 53, he passed away on June 21st, 2022.

Sujit Sutradhar and the phenomenon of his murder in his own store are topics that should be covered in this article.

What happened to Sujit Sutradhar?

In Narsingdi, Uttar Pradesh, he also had a business. Sujit Sutradhar’s death, as far as we can tell, was not a natural occurrence since he fell prey to being bossed around.

He was inside his shop, according to the sources. He was slain when some miscreants barged in out of nowhere. Sujit Sutradhar was killed by stabbing by the suspects.

Even though Sujit Sutradhar passed away, this tragedy nonetheless claimed the life of another individual.

Sujan Sutradhar, Sujit Sutradhar’s son, was with him. Sujan has been hurt in this incident as well.

People across the US have been interested in hearing about Sujit Sutradhar’s passing.

Given that the victim was a former UP representative from Hajipur Ward No. 3, this news has alarmed the populace.

As soon as the public learned about this tragedy, rumors of Sujit Sutradhar’s demise spread like wildfire through the community.

People in Hajipur and Narsingdi in Uttar Pradesh are now afraid after hearing of Sujit Sutradhar’s passing.

He was in his shop when he was repeatedly stabbed.

Who was Sujit Sutradhar’s killer?

Sujit Sutradhar, a businessman from Narsingdi, reportedly passed away on June 21, 2022, a Wednesday.

While he was at his shop, he was accosted by 25 to 30 goons. Around 8:30 PM, some miscreants between the ages of 25 and 30 broke into his shop and beat him.

They killed him by stabbing him. His son “Sujan,” who was also in the store, was hurt. In a hospital, Sujan is receiving care.

May Sujit Sutradhar’s soul find a peaceful place to rest in heaven.

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