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Strategies to Predict Fantasy Cricket Match Result


Last updated on January 25th, 2023 at 12:07 am

Cricket is one of the most favorite sports for all Indians. However, fans are not able to enjoy the game because of the novel Coronavirus which has put the entire human life on an abrupt halt.

Strategies to Predict Fantasy Cricket Match Result

But fantasy cricket is a solution for all the cricket fans out there. Earlier cricket was just watched over television sets but now with various fantasy cricket apps coming into the picture, we have an opportunity to virtually experience the game.

However, it’s not that much easy as it sounds. Alike the strategies being used by captains who are playing the real game on the field, you too will need a few strategies to beat your opponent and turn out as the winner.

Pitch Insight: You always need to know the nature of the pitch before making your fantasy team. You can’t be the winner if you are playing with a bowler centric team on a pitch that is regarded as abating paradise and vice versa. A flat pitch is every batsman’s favorite and for such a pitch, selecting the minimum number of bowlers is a good way to plan your gameplay strategy. You need to know about the pitch conditions i.e. whether it will assist seamer, spinner, or is a flat pitch. Checking out the stats of the recent games played on that pitch will give you a clear idea about the composition of the team.

Other than that, you should also look closely, how the pitch has behaved in the previous matches and then take a calculated decision.

Pick your Captain/Vice Captain wisely: Alike all the other strategies, choosing the captain and vice-captain also requires a lot of brainwork. As captain and vice-captain give you 2 and 1.5 times the points respectively, you need to pick two top performers of the match. To increase your chances of winning a fantasy cricket match, always choose the player who is in exceptional form and is consistently contributing to the side either with bat or ball. Most of the time, choosing an all-rounder as a captain or vice-captain is the perfect choice as they help you collect points with both bat and ball.

Bonus points: When you are playing with a point system, then you want to score additional points as well. There are bonus points awarded for catches, stumpings, and even run-outs. It is important to track players who regularly take catches and do fantastically well as fielders. This is sure going to improve your point score.

Pick the right planning approach: By now you would have understood the most important fantasy cricket tips to form the right team and win the match. Another factor that you should always keep in mind is planning well ahead and then keeping track of the fixtures. You need to decide on the initial team and of course pick the substitutes, as per the upcoming games. Putting the strategy right at the beginning is one of the most important things to ensure your win in fantasy cricket.

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