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Top 10 Best Apps of the Week


Top 10 Best Apps of the Week: Hello Guys, Applications are somewhat we don’t use a phone may it be gaming or entertaining applications or an application for a brand we all need applications. Today we shop, book, travel everything through applications. How dependent on applications we are, so we are here with the list of “TOP 10 BEST APPS OF THE WEEK”, that would suit your requirements. Keep Reading!

Top 10 Best Apps of the Week

1. Cheetah Keyboard

Cheetah Keyboard has every feature you hope a keyboard will have. With beautiful themes, Cheetah Keyboard makes your phone a distinctive one among others. With AI prediction, Cheetah Keyboard makes your typing more accurate and easier. Cheetah Keyboard’s gesture input makes your typing more fun by letting you slide fingers from letter to letter. With voice typing, Cheetah Keyboard can help to recognize what word you want and give you accurate word suggestions.

2. Google Opinion Rewards

The Google Opinion Rewards Android app lets people answer a few survey questions, and rewards them with Google Play credits. This has been available in other countries for a while now, but now it’s officially available in India as well. The surveys themselves are really short – sometimes just one or two questions – and there isn’t always a survey that’s available for you, but the questions themselves are pretty straightforward, so you’ll get a little Google Play credit with almost zero effort.

3. Pianist HD : Piano+

Unlike all other piano apps, you are not forced to follow the fixed instructions (animated dropping bar). Pianist HD : Piano + is specially designed to enable you to play in any speed, effortlessly.
You can play your song slow or fast, all depend on you and your mood and your style.
With 40 million downloads on Google Play, this app is one of the best effortless instrument apps and games for your Android tablet and mobile phone! Please try it and play your favorite songs without any practice.

4. Face Swap

Face Swap not only gives you a magical experience of face swapping with friends and families, it also gives you chance to swap face with super stars and cute animals. Even a face of a statue in museum can be swapped with yours. Transform to any new face you like in a second! There are also numerous of Motion Stickers in Face Swap with themes such as animal, cartoon, movie etc. Want to become a cute kitty or a funny clown? Face Swap can let your dream come true. Compare with cartoon cameras, motion stickers in face swap will give you much real experience. With our well designed motion stickers, you can change to a cutie.

5. 30 Day Fitness Challenge

Workouts at home, suit for anybody anytime. Designed by professional fitness coach, 30 Day Fitness Challenge helps improve fitness and health scientifically. Stick with the progress, you will see amazing results. By fully considering workout rules, 30 Day Fitness Challenge increases exercise intensity step by step, so that you can easily stick training daily. 30 Day Fitness Challenge will greatly help you keep fitness and lose weight effectively.

6. MakeupPlus – Makeup Camera

MakeupPlus is the perfect app to take your selfie editing to the next level. With MakeupPlus, you can virtually give yourself a full makeover – from lipstick, foundation and eyelashes, to eye and hair color, faux freckles and glitter – to find a beauty look you love, right from your phone’s camera!
A Virtual Makeover In Seconds – Have fun with a variety of makeover styles and discover your signature look! Our virtual beauty counter is fully stocked with endless options for you to create a completely customized look.

7. Contacts +

Contacts+ is a true all-in-one contacts, dialer, sms and call log app that makes it easy to connect with friends and block unwanted people, telemarketers and spam via caller ID & block. Whether it’s a call or sms – you’re always in control. In addition to blocking spam calls and sms, Contacts+ provides true protection to your phone contacts with an integrated backup service for your contacts, sms and call logs, so if you switch or lose your phone – they will always stay with you. Above all, Contacts+ is private and customizable with over 80 themes and infinite wallpapers – just select a picture from your gallery to add a unique wallpaper to your main contacts, sms and call log screens, or to a specific contact.

8. PIP Camera – Photo Editor Pro

PIP Camera sets your photo in another photo frame with some creative frames. This Camera is a spinoff of FotoRus’ popular Pic-in-Pic mode, and it is more powerful and more fun with the addition of the new PIP Frames mode and PIP magazine Collage mode. The photo in photo blur automatically, and the filters for background and foreground in Classic mode both can be changed. Except taking photos and making photo collages, PIP Camera is also a powerful photo retouching app. Built-in professional photo/ picture retouching function, mysterious filters, fun sticker sets, text adding, photo/ picture editing, mosaic, professional editing and so on.

9. Fotor Photo Editor

Considered an all-in-one photo editing toolkit, Fotor mobile has evolved from being one of the most user-friendly ‘on-the-go’ utility apps, to a world first photographic community platform. Now allowing millions of photographers from around the world to connect, collect, share and inspire, Fotor is an all-in-one platform allowing the amateur photographer and enthusiast the opportunity to win prizes, profits and fame.

10. Muslim Pro : Ramdan 2017 Prayer Times, Azan, Quran

Recognized by more than 30 million Muslims around the world as the most accurate prayer time & azan application, Muslim Pro also features the full Quran with Arabic scripts, phonetics, translations and audio recitations as well as a Qibla locator, an Islamic Hijri calendar, a map of halal restaurants and Mosques, etc… It gives Accurate prayer times based on your current location with multiple settings available (angles), Azan: visual and audio notifications for the calls for prayer with many muezzin voices to choose from, Fasting times (Imsak and Iftar) during Ramadan.

So these are the blockbusting apps getting trended this week,  We hope you find them useful, Do give them a try,  Thanks for Visiting our page, We appreciate your presence, Do visit again.