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Silent Witness Cast Inspires Millions of Fans with Their Stories


Silent Witness Cast: Silent Witness has been an award-winning British crime drama series since 1996. The show follows a team of forensic pathologists and scientists as they use their investigative expertise to track down perpetrators of various crimes. Over its run, many talented actors and actresses have graced its cast – some have become household names themselves! Here is a selection of some main cast members of Silent Witness with their roles onscreen.

Silent Witness Cast: What Are They Doing Now?

Silent Witness Cast 
Silent Witness Cast

1. Emilia Fox | Silent Witness Cast

Emilia Fox
Emilia Fox

Emilia Fox has been one of the longest-standing cast members on Silent Witness since she joined in 2004, playing Dr. Nikki Alexander a forensic anthropologist and pathologist. As leader of her team and often getting personally involved in cases she works on, She exudes justice while still grappling with internal struggles regarding relationships and demons that come her way. Emilia Fox can also be seen in Merlin, The Pianist, Delicious and Strangers.

2. David Caves | Silent Witness Cast

David Caves 
David Caves

David Caves joined Silent Witness as Jack Hodgson in 2013, an expert forensic scientist and former professional boxer specializing in blood pattern analysis and trace evidence. As Nikki often clashes with him but respects her nonetheless. With an unconventional personality and rebellious streak – as well as affection for his beloved dog Sasha! -, Caves also made appearances in Ironclad, The Frankenstein Chronicles, Peaky Blinders and Jackie.

3. Jason Wong | Silent Witness Cast

Jason Wong 
Jason Wong

Jason Wong joined Silent Witness in 2020 as Dr. Adam Yuen, a forensic toxicologist and pharmacologist specialized in drugs and poisons. A brilliant but ambitious scientist, Adam is also passionate about comic books and video games; although at times their differing approaches to work and life cause friction between him and Jack; nevertheless he admires him greatly for his skills and experience. Additionally he has appeared in films like The Gentleman, Chimerica Strangers and Doom: Annihilation.

4. Genesis Lynea | Silent Witness Cast

Genesis Lynea
Genesis Lynea

Genesis Lynea first made an appearance on Silent Witness as Dr. Simone Tyler in 2020 as a forensic psychologist and profiler. She provides expertise to help the team understand criminal motivations and victim behaviors; in addition to flirting with Jack and Adam but being serious when necessary about her work. Genesis Lynea has since appeared in Endeavour, Humans, Doctors and Britannia.

Notable Guest Appearances

  • Kevin Eldon portrays DI Michael Connor, an investigative police detective working closely with      Nikki’s team and romantically involved with her.
  • Nicholas Woodeson stars as Victor Alexander, Nikki’s estranged father who engages in                dubious business practices.
  • Amanda Burton stars as Sam Ryan (original protagonist from Silent Witness who was both a        forensic pathologist and professor), an original protagonist from Silent Witness.
  • Tom Ward played Harry Cunningham, an ex-member of the team and former forensic                   pathologist who became Nikki’s love interest;
  • Liz Carr played Clarissa Mullery, also ex-member and now best friend.
  • Richard Lintern stars as Thomas Chamberlain, a former member of the team who was both a forensic pathologist and head of Lyell Centre.

FAQ: The Ultimate Guide To Your Questions

Q: When did Silent Witness begin operations?

A: Silent Witness premiered on 21 February 1996 on BBC One and ran until 22 April 1998.

Q: How many seasons of Silent Witness exist?

A: Since its premiere, Silent Witness has produced 26 seasons containing 8-12 episodes each season.

Q: Where can I watch Silent Witness?

A: In the UK, Silent Witness can be watched on BBC One or BBC iPlayer, as well as various streaming platforms or channels available globally.

Q: Is Silent Witness based on a true story?

A: No, Silent Witness is not based on any real events; rather it draws inspiration from real-life forensic science cases and techniques.

Q: Who created Silent Witness?

A: Silent Witness was conceptualized by Nigel McCrery, an ex-murder squad detective based in Nottingham.


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