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Selling on used vehicles: what you need to know


Selling on used vehicles: what you need to know: When it’s time to say goodbye to a vehicle, there are many things you can choose to do with it. You can send it for scrap, do some sort of part exchange, or sell it to a new owner for cash.

Of course, what you choose will depend in part on what condition your vehicle is in, as if it is no longer road safe and you lack the money to get it repaired, you should probably think about selling it for scrap.

Selling on used vehicles: what you need to know

However, if your vehicle is still in good condition, but you are in need of a better or bigger vehicle, or you have decided to stop driving entirely, there are some tips for selling it that you might have overlooked and can make both selling (and getting the best price possible) for your vehicle a little easier.

#1 Think about where you are selling your vehicle

Whether it is on an online platform, or you have it parked outside your house with ‘for sale’ written on it, or both, you probably aren’t doing enough to get it seen by the right people. A car can sit in your house’s front yard for months, and it can sit on car selling sites for longer.

However, if you take to selling your vehicle on social media or for scrap, you might find that there is someone willing to pick up your old ride for a reasonable price, and they might not have been someone who lives in your area either.

#2 Think about how you are going to ship your vehicle to its destination

Shipping might sound painfully expensive, but it really doesn’t have to be. It can be cheap and convenient without dropping the professional and high-quality services.

Reliable services will be able to put you in contact with the exact freight shipper that you will need for car shipping, and especially for motorcycle shipping, where there can be no half measures as you could be shipping somebody something they have dreamed about owning since they were a kid.

Making the right choice means you will be able to get it to your buyer in a way that is convenient to both of you and will leave you very happy with their services and your buyer even happier with their purchase.

#3 Know all of the extra bits

Selling a car or a motorcycle sounds easy enough, as you just find a buyer, exchange money for the vehicle, and hand them the keys. However, there are a lot of other little details that you should probably make sure that you have covered.

These are things such as legal requirements and making sure that your vehicle’s new owner has all the appropriate paperwork and is notified of the vehicle’s last service and any modifications, as well as making sure that all other additional terms and conditions are met.

This can be a long and frustrating process, but it is best that you get it done sooner rather than later and make sure that you do it thoroughly enough to make sure that there are no hiccups, as you are likely to be to blame for making a mistake, even if it is the other person at fault used vehicles.


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