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Ramsey Bearse: What happened To Ramsey Bearse?


There are many things you should consider, whether you’re a Ramsey Bearse fan or not. She was diagnosed with multiple-sclerosis, and her teaching job was terminated. You should also consider that she has admitted to sending nude pictures.

Miss Kentucky 2007 Was Won By Ramsey Bearse

Ramsey Carpenter Bearse admitted that she had sent four photos of herself topless to a former student, aged 15, during a recent plea hearing. She claimed that the photos were sent via Snapchat.

The teen was also sent naked breast photos by Bearse. Bearse claimed she was afraid of not pleasing the teen and asked for more photos.n Bearse has been suspended from her position by the Kanawha County School District.

The district claims that she was employed at the Andrew Jackson Middle School as a teacher from August through October. Officials haven’t said whether other victims may have been involved.

Bearse was accused of sending topless photos and sexually explicit images to a teenage boy on December 7. Authorities were notified by her mother about the photos.

Bearse stated that the first photo was intended for her husband during the plea hearing. Bearse also stated that the photos were stored in her phone’s camera rolls between August and October.

Bearse was released on a $10,000 property bail and could spend up to two years prison time when she is sentenced. Bearse will have to go through drug screenings and lie detector testing.

Ramsey Bearse Admits To Sending Nude Photographs

Ramsey Bearse was arrested earlier this year for sending inappropriate photos to a student aged 15. She was accused of sending the boy lewd photos while she was still in middle school.

Bearse has been suspended from her teaching job and ordered to register as an convicted sex offenders.

Kanawha County Sheriff’s Office received a tip that a teacher was sending inappropriate photos to a student. They are currently investigating and asking anyone with any information to contact them.

Bearse is a middle-school science teacher. She had been working at the school for approximately four months when she was arrested.

She graduated from the University of Kentucky. She was also a contestant in Miss Kentucky and was crowned Miss Kentucky 2014.

She is also an advocate for multiple sclerosis. She was the National Multiple Sclerosis Society’s ambassador. She was diagnosed with multiple Sclerosis in 2010.

Ramsey Bearse Was Removed From Her Teaching Job

Ramsey Bearse, a former Miss Kentucky teacher, was fired earlier this month after she was found guilty for sending nude photos of a former student.

Former Miss Kentucky was charged for four felonies including sending obscene material and sexual harassment to a minor. Her lawyer didn’t respond to a request for comment.

Bearse graduated from the University of Kentucky in special education with a Bachelor of Arts. She was a middle-school science teacher in West Virginia.

After being charged, Bearse was removed from her job but released on a $10,000 property bail.

Bearse confessed to police that she had sent four photos to a former student. Two of the photos were topless. The boy received the photos via Snapchat, a social media app.

Bearse was a teacher at that school, but authorities don’t know if any other students received explicit photos from her.

Bearse was sentenced to a two year term and must register as a sexual offender for the rest her life. PEOPLE did not reach out to her lawyer for comment.

Multiple Sclerosis Was Dagnosed In Ramsey Bearse

Ramsey Bearse was a former Miss Kentucky contestant and Miss America contestant who was accused earlier this year of sexting a fifteen-year-old student.

According to the boy’s parents, he had sent him photos that were explicit and lewd. Bearse was charged four times with sending obscene material to a minor.

Ramsey Bearse, who was accused of sexting an ex-student, could face up to 20 years imprisonment if convicted. She will also be subject to a $100,000 fine and must register as a sex offenders for the rest her life.

He attended the Andrew Jackson Middle School in Cross Lanes (West Virginia). The photos were sent to him at the age of 14. Charles “Chas”, Bearse’s husband has many ties to Massey Energy in West Virginia. After his wife’s arrest, he deleted his social media accounts.

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