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Qanon Alerts – Qanon’s Response To The Attack On The Us 2021


Last updated on November 22nd, 2022 at 04:14 pm

QAnon 2021 response to the attack against the U.S. Capitol is patriotic, inspiring, and undermining. Continue reading for more details.

QAnon Inspirational


QAnon Drops can send a variety of messages. Q drops often contain five main categories of messages.

These messages are classified as administration, inspirational and call to action. Each category includes a variety of messages that can be associated with Q’s involvement in the QAnon community

Early drops usually fell under one of two categories: administration, or call to actions. These messages often made references to secret knowledge or provided inspiration.

These messages often featured Christian symbolism, such as direct quotations from the Christian Bible.

These messages also addressed violence in the form of implied violence and lynching.

Q frequently promoted himself and others in the QAnon community through tweets that were then reposted on Twitter.

These messages covered a broad range of topics including self-promotion and racial tension.

QAnon’s reaction to the attack on U.S. Capitol 2021

QAnon is a conspiracy theory claiming that the United States is under control of a secret cabal.

The group believes Hollywood, media and the political elite are under Satan’s control. White supremacists are increasingly embracing the conspiracy, as well as militia extremists.

It has been linked to numerous violent incidents in America.

Five major mass shootings in the United States have occurred over the past three years because conspiracy theories were involved.

A large number of QAnon supporters were involved in the January 6, 2021 Capitol Attack.

Many wore QAnon themed clothing and carried signs. Although they did not kill any of the victims, they were believed to have been a contributing factor to the insurrection.

QAnon supporters have also influenced candidates to join the conspiracy.

At a QAnon-sponsored conference called Patriot Double Down, several candidates addressed the crowd in October 2021.

They spread false theories about the 2020 presidential elections, Dominion voting machines and the secret cabal.

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