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Faze Chemo: Is A Social Media Star


Faze Chemo: What happened to Faze Chemo, the social media sensation who died young? Continue reading to learn more about the well-known social media personality.

Faze Chemo, a social media sensation and an ardent supporter of FaZe Clan, died recently at a young age. Fans and even FaZe Clan himself paid tribute to the star.

The social media star’s real name is Anas Alazzawi, and he went by the handle Faze Chemo on social media.

He had a fan base of 470, 000 followers. Continue reading to learn more about ‘What happened to Faze Chemo?’

Faze Chemo, what happened to him?

Faze Chemo

Faze Chemo’s age is unknown because no outlet mentions it. Faze Chemo’s videos were known for his comedic manner and love for the FaZe Clan, as well as his mockery of his Muslim buddies.

Alazzawi was well-known as a fervent supporter of the esports team FaZe Clan. The organisation was so shocked by Alazzawi’s tragic death that they even tweeted about him and paid him a social homage.

They also tweeted a GoFundMe link to help his family financially by contributing to the medical fees that the social media star’s family would have to pay before his death.

According to FaZe Clan’s Twitter account, “We’re heartbroken to learn about the death of Anas Alazzawi, a fan of ours who went by the moniker “FaZe Chemo” on Tik Tok.

His friends and family are in our thoughts.” Youtuber KSI, with whom FaZe Chemo frequently communicated on social media, also paid respect to him on the social media app.

The death of Faze Chemo

On October 30, Faze Chemo’s, a young social media celebrity, died. He had been battling cancer for some time, but it had deteriorated in recent days, and he died on Friday, October 30.

Faze Chemo’s death was announced by his brother Armo, according to dexerto portal, who indicated that his brother died abruptly due to cancer issues.

Anas had been in excruciating discomfort for the past month, according to his brother. On Anas’ social media profile, Armo had written a lengthy post.

He went on to say that cancer had spread throughout his bloodstream and had gotten worse over time, and that he died on October 30 at 8: 30 p.m. EST in the company of their parents.

Many of FaZe Chemo’s fans also expressed their sympathies for the young social media sensation, who remained active on social media until the very final moment.

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