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PokeMon Scarlet and Violet Tera Form Leaks


New integration with Pokemon GO and HOME are on the way, plus Tera Raid Battles featuring legendary Paradox Pokemon have been added as Tera Raid Battles.

Many fans are delighted by these regular updates for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet as they strive to improve the games into an acceptable state.

Furthermore, Pokemon trainers can look forward to a two-part DLC expansion called “The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero” due out late 2023; The Teal Mask in fall 2023 followed by The Indigo Disk in winter 2023 are sure to be exciting additions based on rumors or leaks!

Though the DLC’s initial trailer was expertly produced, its accompanying key artwork only revealed a few new characters and Pokemon.

Beyond some familiar faces returning in Scarlet and Violet’s DLC and some exciting areas being promised in these episodes, no one knows exactly what these DLC episodes will contain.

However, one reliable leaker has hinted at an interesting mechanic which one or both expansion parts may iterate upon; this suggests unique Tera Forms could see another iteration of popular Generation 1 starter Charizard?

Although leaks should always be taken with a grain of salt, unique Tera Forms could see another evolution for Charizard!

Pokemon’s History of Charizard Form Gimmicks

PokeMon Scarlet and Violet Tera Form Leaks

Pokemon’s use of form-altering battle mechanics really took off with Pokemon X and Y, when Mega Evolution first made an impact on the world by providing certain fully evolved Pokemon with temporary evolutions limited by Mega Stones that corresponded to certain species.

Of all the Mega Evolutions available in Generation 6, Charizard and Mewtwo were the only pair with two each – yet Generation 1 continued receiving special attention long after its initial release.

Mega Evolution was eventually superseded by Z-Moves in Pokemon Sun and Moon. Dynamaxing, however, took its place, combining aspects of both systems while adding a three-turn limit.

Some popular old Pokemon continued to get unique versions of these mechanics with Generation 8’s limited set of Gigantamax Pokemon; similar to Dynamax but featuring monsters taking on brand-new forms similar to Mega Evolutions. Charizard was among them again as Champion Leon’s ace Pokemon.

Tera Forms Are Perfect for Charizard’s Special Treatment

Rumors of Tera Forms being added to Pokemon Scarlet and Violet could bring this cycle full circle. Terastallization was unique in that it could be utilized by all Pokemon, though in different ways depending on each individual’s Tera Type.

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Tera Forms, on the other hand, function similar to Mega Evolutions or Gigantamax forms but with different rules. While certain lines could receive much-needed buffs, it seems more likely that an exclusive group of popular Pokemon will once again dominate this mechanic.

Charizard has a great chance at this, thanks to its role in the upcoming anime. Judging by promotional materials, it appears that Professor Friede will ride on top of a Charizard mount.

Additionally, this Fire/Flying Pokemon was already featured in an extensive Tera Raid battle event so Scarlet and Violet may get to see another Charizard with special form as raid bosses down the line.

As popular as these Pokemon are, seeing them given constant spotlight attention can become tiresome; hopefully Tera Forms do actually materialize and there will be diverse roster of Pokemon using them alongside likely candidate Charizard.

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